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Fitch warns that debt-limit delay could hurt U.S. credit rating

A failure by Congress to raise the debt limit "in a timely manner" could lead to a downgrade of the nation's AAA credit rating, Fitch Ratings said Tuesday.


Fitch Ratings Keeps U.S. at Top Credit Rating

Fitch Ratings Keeps U.S. at Top Credit Rating

Fitch Ratings said Tuesday it will keep its rating on U.S. debt at the highest grade, AAA, and issued a "stable" outlook, meaning it expects the rating to stay there.


How debt downgrade will affect 2012 campaign

The downgrading of U.S. government bonds by Standard & Poor’s ensures that the 2012 election will be fought on the battlefield of debt, as Electoral College math begins mingling with dire economic figures.


Moody's, Fitch maintain U.S. triple-A rating

The United States had its triple-A rating confirmed by two key ratings agencies on Tuesday after Washington struck a last-minute deal to avoid a debt default, but threats of future downgrades remain.


U.S. Credit Rating Downgrade Looking Likely Even If Debt Ceiling Deal Is Reached

Could the U.S. lose its top credit rating even if a deal is reached to raise the debt limit? Market analysts and investors increasingly say yes. The outcome won't be quite as scary as a default, but financial markets would still take a blow. Mortgage rates could rise. States and cities, already strapped, could find it more difficult to borrow. Stocks could lose their gains for the year.


Obama's weekly rating hits record low

The debt deal impasse doesn't just threaten the U.S. credit rating. President Obama's political standing also appears at risk.


S&P says 50-50 chance of U.S. downgrade

Standard & Poor's reiterated on Thursday it sees a real risk that future U.S. government deficits may meaningfully miss discussed targets and that there is a 50-50 chance the U.S. AAA credit rating could be cut within three months, perhaps as soon as August.


Moody's sounds alarm over U.S. debt limit and deficits

Moody's sounds alarm over U.S. debt limit and deficits

Ratings agency Moody's warned on Thursday it would consider cutting the United States' coveted top-notch credit rating if the White House and Congress do not make progress by mid-July in talks to raise the debt limit.


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