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Huntsman, Santorum support up in New Hampshire

Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman is gaining support in New Hampshire at the right time, days before Tuesday's key primary election, but he still trails front-runner Mitt Romney by a prohibitive margin.


Ready or Not, Huntsman Faces His Moment in New Hampshire

Jon Huntsman

Jon M. Huntsman Jr., an early favorite of the pundit classes in Washington and New York who is now struggling to stay relevant, has bet it all on New Hampshire.


Huntsman to announce for president next week

Former Utah governor and ambassador to China Jon Huntsman will announce he is running for president on June 21, according to sources familiar with his plans. Huntsman has been expected to enter the race for weeks now, but he did not participate in last night’s Republican debate in New Hampshire. His announcement will take place in Liberty State Park in New Jersey with the Statue of Liberty as the backdrop.


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