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U.N. nuclear chief presses Iran on military base access

The U.N. nuclear watchdog raised pressure on Iran to finally address suspicions that it has sought to design an atomic bomb, calling for swift inspector access to a military base where relevant explosives tests are believed to have been carried out.


Graph suggests Iran working on bomb

A diagram obtained by The Associated Press shows that Iranian scientists have run computer simulations for a nuclear weapon that would produce more than triple the explosive force of the World War II bomb that destroyed Hiroshima.


Iran to unveil new nuclear fuel advance: report

Iran will present a new advance in its atomic program Wednesday by loading domestically made nuclear fuel into a research reactor in the capital Tehran, a senior Iranian official told a Russian news agency Tuesday.


Report: Saudi Arabia to buy nukes if Iran tests A-bomb

Saudi Arabia

Saudia Arabia would move quickly to acquire nuclear weapons if Iran successfully tests an atomic bomb, according to a report. Citing an unidentified Saudi Arabian source, the Times newspaper in the U.K. (which operates behind a paywall) said that the kingdom would seek to buy ready-made warheads and also begin its own program to enrich weapons-grade uranium.


U.N. nuclear talks in Tehran: frustrated hopes

Iran Nuclear Disarmament

After two days of rare and intensive talks in Tehran, senior U.N. nuclear officials may have felt they were finally making headway towards getting Iran to address suspicions that it is bent on developing the ability to make atom bombs.


U.S., other big powers back Mideast nuclear arms ban

U.S., other big powers back Mideast nuclear arms ban

The United States, Russia, Britain, France and China on Wednesday voiced support for making the Middle East a nuclear-arms-free zone, which would mean Israel would have to scrap any atomic bombs it has.


Iran needs 'six years for bomb'

Iran needs 'six years for bomb'

The US military says Iran would need between four and six years to produce a usable atomic bomb.


Iran could have atomic bomb within 6 months: report

Germany's BND foreign intelligence agency believes Iran is capable of producing and testing an atomic bomb within six months, much sooner than most analysts estimate, according to a report in German weekly Stern.


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