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Budget breather for Greece would spur economic recovery: report

Greece Bailout

Finance ministry officials in Greece have calculated that the debt-stricken country's economy will recover faster and its debt be more sustainable if it is given two more years to reduce its budget deficit, a Greek newspaper reported on Saturday.


Greek bailout wish-list sets up showdown with Europe

Greece's new government promised on Thursday to renegotiate the terms of the country's bailout without endangering its future in the euro, responding to intense pressure to ease mounting social tensions but also risking a showdown with European powers.


Greek government to seek two-year extension to bailout term

Greek Bailout

Greece's new government is to ask lenders for two more years to hit fiscal targets, responding to huge public pressure for a softening of an international bailout but setting up a showdown with its euro zone partners.


German Lawmakers Approve New Greek Bailout

Greece Bailout

The German parliament approved a second, euro130 billion ($173 billion) loan package for Greece on Monday after Chancellor Angela Merkel warned lawmakers that it would be irresponsible to abandon the country to bankruptcy.


Greek bailout plan now moves to the IMF

Debate over Greece’s rescue plan now shifts to the International Monetary Fund, which must decide if it is willing to risk more on a bailout effort that the fund’s own analysis shows has a strong probability of failing.


Dow climbs in early trading to near 13,000 mark

Stock Market

U.S. stocks closed in on the psychologically important mark of 13,000 for the Dow Jones industrial average as optimism about the Greek bailout and the European financial situation sent stocks up in early trading.


Greek Political Leaders Commit to Austerity Deal

Antonis Samaras

The letters aim to satisfy one of the key demands set by Greece's international lenders, but other issues remained unresolved.


Some say Greek debt deal will make things worse

Latest austerity cuts approved as 100,000 take to the streets in protest; 93 buildings damaged in Athens.


Greece Cabinet OK's austerity plan


Greece's Cabinet approved austerity measures demanded in return for a new eurozone bailout of the debt-stricken country Saturday, a day ahead of a crucial vote in Parliament.


Greek deal -- first on, then off -- pushes stocks down

As is increasingly the case with the European financial crisis, the story changed between the time the evening papers went to bed Thursday night and the traders woke up Friday morning.


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