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Political Tensions Surface Over Euro Crisis

The president of the European Commission sharply criticized Britain for blaming its economic problems on the euro zone, and warned against efforts to divide European nations.


Baby steps to EU bank union come too late for crisis

Euro Zone

The European Commission will propose far-reaching powers for regulators to deal with failing banks on Wednesday, a step towards the banking union the European Central Bank has demanded to secure the euro's future.


Brussels, Berlin tell Europe to stick to austerity

Jose Manuel Barroso

Germany and the European Commission on Tuesday called on EU nations to stick to their promised budget cuts despite mounting voter discontent, but promised some new efforts to boost growth to alleviate economic hardship.


EU Considers Temporary Shorting Ban

EU Considers Temporary Shorting Ban

The European Commission on Monday outlined the potential new measures it is considering to ensure that short-selling of stocks and bonds doesn't destabilize financial markets or national economies.


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