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Doubling down on racist comments, council candidate says she opposes interracial marriage

Marysville, Michigan mayor Dan Damman has called for city council candidate Jean Cramer to withdraw. She says she doesn't plan to.


Is coffee healthy or not? Here's how much you should drink — and how much is too much

How much coffee should you drink? Depends on who you ask. As one expert put it: "If you like coffee and you want to drink it, it's probably safe."


AT&T workers in Mississippi, 8 other states on strike over 'unfair labor practices'

More than 20,000 employees for the telecommunications giant are protesting "unfair labor practices" during negotiations for a new contract with AT&T.


AT&T workers in Mississippi part of multistate strike: Gallery

Thousands of AT&T workers in the Southeast, including Mississippi, have walked off the job.


Antibiotic-resistant Salmonella strain confirmed as 'superbugs' continue to worry experts

A strain of Salmonella found in beef and soft cheeses in the United States and Mexico has been found resistant to antibiotics, according to the CDC.


Woman finds venomous brown recluse spider in her ear after complaining of earache

Susie Torres noticed a slight pain in her ear Tuesday morning. It was a venomous – but harmless – brown recluse spider.


Another breastfeeding baby was separated from her mother after ICE raids

Nine-month-old Elizabeth's mother has been in detention since Aug. 7. She was among nearly 700 people arrested at food processing plants.


'I thought she was going to die': ICE still detaining single parents, breastfeeding moms

More than two weeks after massive ICE raids in Mississippi, multiple parents of young children remain in detention.


Two boys listed in serious condition after being shot in Winston County

Two boys shot in Winston County were taken to a Jackson hospital.


Pelahatchie city workforce stiffed on pay. Utilities owed. Who's to blame?

"The whole town hasn't been paid...We get paid every two weeks and as far as we know the mayor won't sign the checks," police chief Joseph Daughtry said.


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