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Ask Amy: Partner is offended by tasteless gift

Dear Amy: My partner, “Chris” just showed me a gift he bought for his adult son. This gift is a “verified” personal calling card once owned by Adolf Hitler (Hitler allegedly gave them out to people he would meet).
Chris purchased this card from an American museum’s rare items collection and spent quite a bit of money for it.
He finds this gift funny and amusing.
Chris is a nice and kind person, and he doesn’t have any prejudice against any ethnic groups.


PHOTOS: Inside Colorado’s first cannabis “bar,” JAD’s Mile High Smoke in Denver

Since legal recreational marijuana sales began in 2014, Coloradans have had a plethora of places to buy weed — but not a ton of places to actually consume it.
For many years, consumption spaces like Tetra Lounge and the Coffee Joint in Denver invited tokers to come and bring their own substances for use, but locals’ options were limited to just that — until recently.


How to Take Screenshots on Android TV

If you've ever read our Roku and Android TV articles, you may have noticed a stark difference in the quality of screenshots between the devices.


5 Reasons to Get a Wireless Charger for Your iPhone

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your iPhone experience, picking up a wireless charger could be a great option for you. Choosing wireless charging and finally ditching the cord on your iPhone is easier than ever. If you’ve picked up a new iPhone in the last couple of years, it more than likely already supports wireless charging.


The 8 Best Laptops for College Students

The best laptop for students is portable, lasts longer on battery, handles multiple tasks with ease, and doesn't blow a hole in your wallet.


Getting Started With Unity for Game Development

Swallowing up as much as 50% of the game engine market, most gamers and game developers have heard of Unity. Used for indie titles and triple-As alike, this engine has enjoyed global popularity since its 2005 launch.


What Is the Difference Between a Port and a Socket?

Networking is the bedrock of communication, data transfer, and the internet as we have it today. Many of the services you use on the internet depend on concepts like ports and sockets. Although a port and a socket have similar functions, they are very different concepts.


How to Start Using Gesture Recognition in Zoom

Zoom has constantly added new features and improved existing ones to provide meeting participants with a more in-person experience through the years.


Pixel 6a vs. Pixel 6: What's the Difference?

The Pixel 6a is Google's latest addition to the Pixel family. Naturally, many are wondering if it's worth the $449 price tag and whether the device lives up to the reputation of the Pixel a-series. In this guide, we'll be looking at the five biggest differences between the Pixel 6a and the regular Pixel 6 to help you make a better buying decision.


Trettitre TreSound1 Review: Audio Designed in the Mountains

How do you like your speakers? Unobtrusive, blending into the background but delivering fantastic sound? How about a statement piece that you could make the focal point of your living room—but that still delivers a great 360-degree sound?


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