Comment on Facebook Added Website Comment Notifications to User Page

Facebook Added Website Comment Notifications to User Page

I just started noticing this recently. It’s a nice touch. Before, you would have to go into a specific comment moderation page to keep track of comments. Now, it’s all tied into your profile page, just like when someone likes or comments on your status updates.

Months ago, I converted my commenting system to Facebook’s. I had my reservations before. Most of it is that because it’s javascript based, the comments will not be crawled by Google. All Google sees is the javascript code, not the actual comments.

Now, Facebook offers a workaround. Using their API, you can grab the actual contents of the comments and have them appear on your site. It’s static content - users can’t post comments using this system. It’s sole purpose is so that Google and other search engines can crawl it and include it in their search results. You’ll have to use css to hide this from your users, so your they won’t see two sets of comments: one generated by the javascript code and the other generated by the API.

Knowing that there’s a workaround, I decided to try out the Facebook’s commenting system.

It’s ok. There are decent moderation tools and spam control. You can hide comments and ban users, although the banning stopped working for me recently.

I seem to be getting fewer comments than before the switch - kinda surprising because you’d think because pretty much everyone has a Facebook account, the barrier to entry would be less.

I was hoping that I’ll get more referrals from Facebook by using their commenting system, but I don’t see much improvement there either from Google Analytics. It’s still too early to tell I guess. Hopefully, this number keeps on going up as the site gets more and more traffic.

Overall, meh, but since I’ve already installed it I’ll keep it running for awhile and see how things go.


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