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Who's watching? 3-D TV is no hit with viewers

3D TV Ratings

Phil Orlins knows everything about producing TV in three dimensions. The ESPN producer has captured the undulating greens of Augusta National and the flying motor bikes of the X-Games for ESPN's 3-D channel. But he can only guess how well his shows resonate with viewers. That's because 3-D audiences are so small they can't be measured by Nielsen's rating system.


TV prices plunge ahead of Super Bowl

TV Sales: Superbowl XLVI

Retailers are throwing in extras such as free delivery and installation, offers to pay the sales tax and complimentary Blu-ray players and 3-D glasses to attract customers. Whether the New England Patriots or the New York Giants win the Super Bowl this weekend, television buyers will be the ones scoring big.


Despite Headaches, Eyestrain, 3D TV Makers Push On

From Hollywood studios to Japanese TV makers, powerful business interests are betting 3-D will be the future of entertainment, despite a major drawback: It makes millions of people uncomfortable or sick.Optometrists say as many as one in four viewers have problems watching 3-D movies and TV, either because 3-D causes tiresome eyestrain or because the viewer has problems perceiving depth in real life. In the worst cases, 3-D makes people queasy, leaves them dizzy or gives them headaches.

Senh: That's probably not what 3d tv manufacturers wanna hear. I think it's the future too, but there gotta be a way to do without people having to wear 3d glasses.


5 Tech Trends of 2011

Ultrafast smartphones, tablets galore (and a Verizon iPad, maybe?), and the death of 3D TV among trends to watch at 2011 Consumer Electronics Show.


Toshiba to Release Glasses-Free 3-D TVs

Toshiba to Release Glasses-Free 3-D TVs

As Toshiba prepares to start selling the world's first glasses-free 3-D televisions in Japan this week, the company says it plans to go global with a larger model of over 40 inches in the coming fiscal year.


3D TV: No ridiculous glasses required

Ceatec doesn't officially start until tomorrow, but Toshiba is already getting the lion's share of the buzz here on the show floor, with its Glasses-less 3D TV.


Panasonic's first 3-D TV set in $2,900 package

Panasonic's first 3-D TV set in $2,900 package

Panasonic Corp. on Wednesday revealed the price for its first 3-D TV set, confirming that $3,000 is about what it takes to be among the first to watch 3-D movies in the home....


Samsung, Panasonic start selling 3-D TVs this week

Samsung, Panasonic start selling 3-D TVs this week

Samsung and Panasonic will start selling 3-D TVs in U.S. stores this week, inaugurating what TV makers hope is the era of 3-D viewing in the living room....


TV makers hope viewers will embrace 3-D-enabled sets

TV makers hope viewers will embrace 3-D-enabled sets

Advances in technology have made home versions of the format viable. Will 2010 finally be the year that 3-D comes to home television?


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