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Review: Kindle Fire HD screen is a big improvement

KIndle Fire

Amazon's new Kindle Fire HD boasts a much more vibrant screen than the original tablet that came out about a year ago. That makes buying movies and TV shows to watch on the device a lot more appealing....


Kindle Fire Is 'Sold Out'

Kindle Fire quenched the Kindle Fire on Thursday, saying its first tablet computer is now "sold out." The Internet retailer has a major press conference scheduled for next Thursday in Santa Monica, California. It's widely expected to reveal a new model of the Fire there, so the announcement that the first model is "sold out" suggests that Amazon halted production a while ago to retool for a new model.


Google likely to unveil small tablet at show

Nexus 7

Google will sell a small tablet computer bearing its brand in a challenge to Amazon's Kindle Fire. The Nexus 7 is designed specifically for Google Play, the online store that sells movies, music, books, apps and other content - the things Inc. also sells for its tablet computer.

Senh: Sorry Google, you're kinda late to the party. Microsoft's Surface looks like a much more interesting device. Nexus 7 just sounds like Kindle Fire without Amazon's tweaks, which could be good I guess.


Indications Are That Amazon's Kindle Fire 2 Might Ship in May or June

The Kindle Fire turned out to be a popular device largely because of its comparatively low price tag. it was the first sub-$200 tablet (by a buck) that didn't feel like a $25 device you'd expect to find in a Fisher Price catalog, and as a result, Amazon closed out the fourth quarter of 2011 with a 14 percent share of the global tablet market,...


Amazon Says Kindles Sell Over 1M/Wk For Third Straight Week

Kindle Fire this morning announced that it has sold more than 1 million Kindles a week for the last three weeks in a row. The retailer said that the Kindle Fire tablet remains the single best selling item on site. The Fire has been the best-selling product on the site for 11 weeks in a ...

Senh: Finally some real numbers from Amazon regarding the Kindle Fire sales. They still lumped sales of all Kindle products together though. Maybe it's more impressive that way, but it's kinda sneaky. Why don't they just flat out tell us how many Kindle Fires have been sold?


Child-Proofing the Kindle Fire

Kid Playing with Kindle Fire

One of the great features of the Kindle Fire is that it's fully-integrated with's one-click payment system. Buying e-books, streaming movies, magazine or newspaper subscriptions, apps, or anything else on Amazon is just a convenient one-click process. That's nice, until your kids get their hands on it and goes on shopping spree in the appstore.

Here are two things I did with my Kindle Fire before handing it to my kids:



Amazon answers critics with Kindle Fire update

Kindle Fire Software Update

The New York Times reported that Amazon will roll out a Kindle Fire update "in less than two weeks." The cause for the update? Fixes for problems that have concerned many early users.

Senh: Great, Amazon's providing updates to the Kindle Firer to fix lots of issues, except for the one I care about the most: the ability to turn off one-click shopping on the device so my kids won't accidentally buy a bunch of apps and other stuff from Amazon.


I Bought A Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire

I have no use for it myself. I'm already running Android on my HD2, which has a 4.3" screen. Getting a tablet for my use seems redundant to me.


Kindle Fire may already be No. 2 tablet

Kindle Fire

Amazon’s ultra-cheap Kindle Fire has already shipped between 3 and 4 million units and combined with news of excellent Black Friday sales last week, the Fire may already be the number two tablet after the Apple iPad.


Kindle Catches Fire

After more than a year of missteps by Apple's tablet rivals, at least one viable competitor, Amazon's Kindle Fire, appears to have surfaced for the popular iPad. Inc. on Monday trumpeted the success of its recently launched Kindle Fire tablet, part of a family of Kindle products that include low-priced e-readers. The company said it sold more than four times as many Kindle products on Black Friday last week as the same shopping day in 2010.


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