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Barnes & Noble profit down, cuts Nook prices


Barnes & Noble Inc posted a lower holiday-quarter profit as investments to keep its Nook e-reader competitive with Inc's Kindle continued to hurt its results.


Indications Are That Amazon's Kindle Fire 2 Might Ship in May or June

The Kindle Fire turned out to be a popular device largely because of its comparatively low price tag. it was the first sub-$200 tablet (by a buck) that didn't feel like a $25 device you'd expect to find in a Fisher Price catalog, and as a result, Amazon closed out the fourth quarter of 2011 with a 14 percent share of the global tablet market,...


Amazon stays frustratingly silent on Kindle Fire sales data

Kindle Fire

With the rumblings from Amazon about the early success of its new Kindle Fire over the holiday season, the company’s disappointing fourth quarter results came as a surprise. More surprising was Amazon’s silence regarding total Kindle Fire sales for the quarter. During the earnings call, Amazon’s executive team deferred questions about the device to the press release, which simply regurgitated sales data from December.

Senh: I've always wondered why the company refuse to separate the sales figures for each Kindle device. It's obvious that they have something to hide regarding the Kindle Fire. As a public company, aren't they required to published these figures for their stockholders?


Amazon launches Kindle lending library

Amazon launches Kindle lending library

Amazon announced Thursday that it has launched a Kindle lending library for owners of its e-reader who are also subscribers to its Amazon Prime service. Prime members can borrow one book a month, with no due dates. Users are allowed to have one book out at a time, the company said in a press release. All notes, bookmarks and highlights made on the borrowed book will still be there if the customer later purchases or re-borrows the book.

Senh: Wow, Amazon Prime is looking like a great deal. $79 a year for two-day free shipping, streaming movies and tv shows, and now borrowing books. It might be time for me to ditch Netflix Instant Watch.


Retailers bank on Kindle Fire for holidays

Amazon's Kindle Fire is a Catch-22 for retailers: The $199 tablet computer could both help Christmas traffic and hurt future sales.


Amazon unveils $199 Kindle Fire tablet and $79 e-ink Kindle

Amazon unveils $199 Kindle Fire tablet and $79 e-ink Kindle

After months of speculation, it's here: Amazon's tablet, the $199 Kindle Fire, was unveiled Wednesday. Smaller and cheaper than Apple's dominant iPad, the Kindle Fire has a 7-inch display and runs on a heavily customized version of Google's (GOOG, Fortune 500) Android operating system. The tablet offers Wi-Fi connectivity, but no 3G or other cellular connection. It also lacks a camera and microphone, two features found in most rival tablets.

Senh: At $199 and running Android, the Kindle Fire is the iPad's first formidable competitor.


Anticipated Amazon Tablet to Take Aim at Apple iPad

Anticipated Amazon Tablet to Take Aim at Apple iPad

Amazon’s souped-up color version of its Kindle e-reader hopes to undercut the iPad in price and steal away a couple of million in unit sales by Christmas.

Senh: Let's see if they can make a dent on apple's tablet dominance.


RadioShack to Carry Nook

RadioShack will begin selling Barnes & Noble Nook e-readers next month. The retailer already carries iPads and Kindles.


State of the Art: Two New E-Readers Move the Plot Forward

State of the Art: Two New E-Readers Move the Plot Forward

Both Barnes & Noble and Kobo have introduced nearly identical e-readers that are clearly intended to embarrass the industry leader, the Amazon Kindle.


Amazon to Add Library Lending to Kindle

Amazon to Add Library Lending to Kindle said it will allow readers to borrow Kindle books free at more than 11,000 U.S. libraries, a new twist in the growing battle for market share among electronic tablet makers.


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