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Asian Americans enjoy greater representation in Congress

The next House of Representatives will have a dozen members of Asian American and Pacific Islander descent, the largest such caucus in history. In the days after the election, inner-city schoolteacher Mark Takano flew to Washington, picked up his laptop, office key, voting ID and posed for photos with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — all part of the orientation drill for an incoming member of the 113th Congress.


Grace Meng Elected As New York's First Asian-American Congresswoman

Rep. Grace Meng made history Tuesday, shaking off her Republican challenger and long voting lines to win the 6th Congressional District election and become the first Asian-American to represent New York in Congress.


Army Jury Acquits Sergeant of Driving Pvt. Danny Chen to Suicide in Afghanistan

Danny Chen

A military jury on Monday acquitted a sergeant on the most serious charges in the death of Pvt. Danny Chen, a Chinese-American from Manhattan who killed himself last year while deployed in Afghanistan, but found him guilty on lesser charges... The jury determined that the sergeant, Adam M. Holcomb, was not guilty of negligent homicide, reckless endangerment, communicating a threat and hazing. Sergeant Holcomb was convicted on two counts of maltreatment and one count of assault consummated by battery.

Senh: “Private Chen killed Private Chen,” said Capt. Anthony Osborne, one of Sergeant Holcomb’s lawyers, during closing arguments.

That's like saying the bullets killed all those victims in the Colorado theater shooting, not James Holmes.


Knicks decline to match Rockets' offer for Lin

Jeremy Lin

Say goodbye to Linsanity, New York. Jeremy Lin is taking his game off Broadway -- way off -- to Houston after the Knicks announced Tuesday night they would not match the Rockets' three-year, $25 million offer for the restricted free agent. "Extremely excited and honored to be a Houston Rocket again!!" Lin posted on his Twitter account. "Much love and thankfulness to the Knicks and New York for your support the past year...easily the best year of my life."


Asian-Americans seek congressional gains

Three times as many Asian-Americans have run for Congress in 2012 than in the past two elections, a nonpartisan political group says.


Asians Surpass Hispanics as Biggest Immigrant Wave

Asian immigrants have pushed the United States’ population of Asian descent to a record 18.2 million and helped make Asians the country’s fastest-growing racial group, a study says.


Asian-Americans more satisfied with life, Pew report finds

Asian Americans

Asian-Americans, the fastest-growing racial group in the country, are more satisfied than the general public with their own lives and the nation’s direction, a new national survey finds.

Senh: Asian-Americans, in general, are better educated and earn more than the average American. Of course, they're happier.


'Lin-Sanity' dessert draws heat

Ben & Jerry's Linsanity Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry's has apologized for putting fortune cookies in pints of its "Taste the Lin-Sanity" ice cream sold at its Harvard Square, Massachusetts, location in honor of basketball sensation Jeremy Lin.


ESPN fires employee for Lin headline seen online

ESPN says it fired an employee responsible for an offensive headline referring to Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin.


Chen case: Asian-American soldiers endure bias

The harassment of 19-year-old Danny Chen started in basic training - teasing about his name, repeated questions of whether he was from China, even though he was a born-and-raised New Yorker. He wrote in his journal that he was running out of jokes to respond with....


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