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Pelosi on Hillary Clinton for president in 2016: 'I hope she goes'

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said during an interview with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell that she hoped Hillary Clinton – who will retire soon from her job as secretary of state – would make another bid for the presidency in four years.


Asian Americans enjoy greater representation in Congress

The next House of Representatives will have a dozen members of Asian American and Pacific Islander descent, the largest such caucus in history. In the days after the election, inner-city schoolteacher Mark Takano flew to Washington, picked up his laptop, office key, voting ID and posed for photos with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — all part of the orientation drill for an incoming member of the 113th Congress.


Pelosi decides to run again for House leader post

Nancy Pelosi

Former House speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday she will run to keep her job as the Democratic leader in the House after a pair of elections that kept the party in the minority there even as Democrats gained seats in the Senate and a second term for President Barack Obama.


Nancy Pelosi's house burglarized on Election Day

Napa County sheriff deputies arrest a man who admitted breaking into the California Democrat's wine country house twice.


Newt Gingrich fires back at Nancy Pelosi

Newt Gingrich said Monday that Nancy Pelosi’s threat to discuss what she learned about the former House speaker from a 1990s ethics investigation is “an early Christmas gift.”


Opposition growing to Obama jobs plan

Opposition growing to Obama jobs plan

President Obama is getting push back from Republicans and Democrats alike to his $447 billion jobs plan... While those concerns are what House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., called "anecdotal" rather than unanimous, the hesitance by some Democrats to embrace the entire plan could force the White House to accept its breakup into smaller pieces.


Pelosi's picks round out deficit 'supercommittee'

"Supercommittee" of six Republicans and six Democrats has 105 days to find a way to reduce the national deficit.


David Wu sex allegations: Another Democrat in hot water

David Wu sex allegations: Another Democrat in hot water

Top House Democrats, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, are again calling for the Ethics Committee to investigate one of their own, this time following allegations of sexual misconduct by Oregon Rep. David Wu.

Senh: There's nothing like a sex scandal involving a politician to take our minds off the debt crisis.


Obama Administration Says It Will End "Waivers for Favors"

Having succeeded at exempting a rash of labor unions, much of Nancy Pelosi’s district, the AARP, and other favored groups from costly aspects of Obamacare, the White House appears to have decided that its work is done.


Pelosi and Other Leaders Call on Weiner to Resign

Pelosi and Other Leaders Call on Weiner to Resign

The move by the House Democratic leader underscored Democrats’ growing concern about Representative Anthony D. Weiner’s online exchanges with women.


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