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Big Bay Area refinery blaze extinguished; plant idled

Chevron Oil Refinery

A massive fire that shut down Chevron Corp's large Richmond, California, refinery on Monday, was extinguished by the early hours of Tuesday, Chevron said, leaving residents and oil traders seeking answers to the hours-long blaze.

Senh: Oil traders were seeking answers to refinery fire in Richmond, CA? Dang, that guys are hardcore traders.


Fire blazes at California refinery; residents ordered indoors

A fire struck the core of Chevron Corp's large Richmond, California, refinery on Monday evening, sending flames and a column of smoke into the air and prompting authorities to order nearby residents indoors.


Chevron profit rises 4 percent, even as production falls

Chevron Corp, the second-largest U.S. oil company, reported a slightly higher-than-expected quarterly profit as rising oil prices and refining margins made up for a decline in oil and gas production.


Chevron Turns To Solar Energy For Oil Recovery, Stock Heading To $104

Chevron Turns To Solar Energy For Oil Recovery, Stock Heading To $104

Chevron Technology Ventures demonstrated the use of solar power to boil water into steam using around 7,600 mirrors to concentrate the sun's energy over a solar boiler. We have a $104 price estimate for Chevron, which implies a 14% premium over its current stock price.


Chevron's Quarterly Earnings Surge 51%

Chevron reported a 51% rise in second-quarter earnings as the second-largest U.S. oil company benefited from high crude prices and stronger refining margins.


Chevron profit rises 36 percent on high oil prices

Chevron says first-quarter earnings rose 36 percent. The company received higher prices for the oil it produced, and also made more money from refining oil.


Chevron fined $9.5 billion in Ecuador

An Ecuadorean judge ruled Monday in an epic environmental case that Chevron Corp. was responsible for oil drilling contamination in a wide swath of Ecuador's northern jungle and ordered the oil giant to pay $9.5 billion in damages and cleanup costs....


Chevron Cuts Jobs, Puts Refinery On The Block

It picked a bad time to sell a refinery in the developed world, but Chevron lightens up to focus on Asia and gas.


Chevron, BofA Push Stocks Higher

U.S. stocks gained, as rising commodity prices boosted energy stocks, concerns about European governments' debt loads eased and data showed a brightening outlook for New York area manufacturing.


Chevron hit by weak petrol demand

Chevron posts a big fall in profits due to petrol and diesel prices failing to keep up with a big rise in the cost of crude oil.


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