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NHL owners approve new labor deal; players to vote

NHL owners have ratified the tentative labor deal. All that now remains is player approval to finally start the hockey season.


NHL, players reach tentative agreement on new labor deal


The National Hockey League and NHL Players' Assn. reached tentative agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement early Sunday morning, opening the way for training camps to open later this week after both sides put on paper and ratify the terms of the complex agreement.


NHL Team Values 2012: Toronto Maple Leafs Are First Hockey Team Worth $1 Billion

Toronto Maple Leafs

On the ice, the National Hockey League has never been more competitive than over the course of its last collective bargaining agreement, which began with the 2005-06 season. A different team has won the Stanley Cup each season, ranging from big-market clubs like Los Angeles and Chicago to small ones such as Pittsburgh and Raleigh. A total of 12 different teams reached the finals during the seven-year CBA.


PHT: All-Star Game latest NHL lockout casualty

NHL Lockout

Stop us if you’ve heard this before — following another round of failed CBA negotiations, the NHL has canceled a slate of games and a marquee league event. This time, it’s all contests from Dec. 1-14 and the 2013 All-Star Game, which was to be played at Nationwide Arena in Columbus on Jan. 27.


NHL cancels remaining preseason games


The NHL and NHLPA are scheduled to meet in New York Friday to discuss non-core economic issues marking the first time the two sides will hold a formal bargaining session since Sept. 12. With no indication that a new collective bargaining agreement is imminent, though, the NHL has canceled all remaining preseason games.


Wisconsin judge rejects union law

Anti-Union Bill

A Wisconsin judge strikes down a law stripping most public employees of collective bargaining rights, but Governor Scott Walker vows to appeal.


Report: NHL owners approve lockout


NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said that the owners have voted to
approve a lockout Thursday if a new collective bargaining agreement
is not reached before Saturday's midnight deadline, according to
the Toronto Sun.


NBA players, owners reach tentative agreement to end lockout

NBA players, owners reach tentative agreement to end lockout

After 15 hours of negotiating that began on Friday, the two sides have 'reached a tentative understanding' early Saturday morning, Commissioner David Stern says. It took 149 days and countless hours of hand-wringing, but the NBA lockout finally appears to be over.

Senh: Finally, we still have half a season left. Time to order NBA League Pass, hopefully, the cable companies will only charge us half price.


Maybe Black Friday a day for crazy NBA deal

Maybe Black Friday a day for crazy NBA deal

When the NBA labor negotiations broke down two weeks ago, disagreement over a half dozen or so significant "system issues" between the two sides was blamed. How significant? The owners and the players essentially had agreed on the money split -- going 50-50 on basketball-related income -- but only if each got what it wanted in the system. And each wanted it all.


MLB players, owners sign agreement

MLB players, owners sign agreement

Baseball players and owners have signed an agreement for a new labor contract, a deal that starts blood testing on human growth hormone and expands the playoffs to 10 teams by 2013.

Senh: That was fast. Still waiting for the NBA to sign theirs.


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