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Protesters break into gov't building in Athens

Protesters from a Communist-back labor union forced their way into a government building and clashed with police who used tear gas to expel them.


Unions suffer steep decline in membership

The nation's labor unions suffered sharp declines in membership last year, led by losses among public sector workers in cash-strapped states, cities, counties and towns....


NHL owners approve new labor deal; players to vote

NHL owners have ratified the tentative labor deal. All that now remains is player approval to finally start the hockey season.


Marvin Miller, who led baseball union's drive for free agency, dies

Marvin Miller headed the union effort that allowed players to choose new teams when their contracts ended, ushering in an era of multimillion-dollar free-agent deals. Miller, who ran the Major League Baseball Players Assn. from 1966 to 1983, was 95.


Federal union workers join Occupy protesters

What do a bunch of protesters camped out in city parks nationwide have in common with people who are the backbone of the government establishment? Enough that members of at least four federal labor unions rallied in support of the Occupy movement in a Lafayette Square demonstration Thursday.


Labor Talks: One Last Chance?

Labor Talks: One Last Chance?

Might there be a glimmer of hope for an on-time start to the NBA's regular season? The meeting will involve the primary negotiators for each side — Commissioner David Stern and the deputy commissioner Adam Silver for the league, with the union represented by its president, Derek Fisher, and its executive director, Billy Hunter.


Ford to add 5,750 US jobs as part of new contract

Ford to add 5,750 US jobs as part of new contract

DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) -- Ford Motor Co. said Tuesday it will add 5,750 jobs and invest $4.8 billion in its U.S. factories as part of a new contract deal with the United Auto Workers union....


Liberals complain about Obama; will it cost votes?

Liberals argue that he caved on the debt ceiling. Unions are upset over his handling of unemployment and labor issues. Hispanics brought the immigration debate directly to his campaign doorstep....


State Employees’ Union Accepts Wage and Benefits Concessions

Members of New York’s largest union of state employees have agreed to accept major wage and benefits concessions sought by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo.


NBA takes legal action against locked-out players

NBA takes legal action against locked-out players

Trying to head off the chance of an antitrust lawsuit from the NBA Players Association, the league went ahead and beat the union to court... The NBA accused the players of being uncooperative in negotiations toward a new collective bargaining agreement by making "more than two dozen" threats to dissolve their union and sue the league under antitrust laws to secure more favorable terms in a new CBA.


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