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Dinosaur Cells In T. Rex Fossil? Shocking Find Gets New Support From Molecular Analysis


Twenty years ago, paleontologist Mary Schweitzer made an astonishing discovery. Peering through a microscope at a slice of dinosaur bone, she spotted what looked for all the world like red blood cells. It seemed utterly impossible—organic remains were not supposed to survive the fossilization process—but test after test indicated that the spherical structures were indeed red blood cells from a 67-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex. In the years that followed, she and her colleagues discovered other apparent soft tissues, including what seem to be blood vessels and feather fibers. But controversy accompanied their claims. Skeptics argued that the alleged organic tissues were instead biofilm—slime formed by microbes that invaded the fossilized bone.


New, Bizarre Species of Small Dinosaur Identified


Not every dinosaur grew up to be a mighty predator like Tyrannosaurus rex or a hulking vegan like Apatosaurus. A few stayed small, and some of the smallest dinosaurs that ever lived — tiny enough to nip at your heels — were among the first to spread across the planet more than 200 million years ago.


New Dinosaur Identified

Thescelosaurus Assiniboiensis Dinosaur

A 66-million-year-old partial skeleton discovered in Saskatchewan has been confirmed as a new species of plant-eating dinosaur. The new species has been named Thescelosaurus assiniboiensis (THES'-kel-oh-SAWR'-us ah-SIN'-ni-boy-EN'-sis) after Saskatchewan's Assiniboia district where it was found.


First dinosaur fossil discovered in Angola

Scientists say they have discovered the first fossil of a dinosaur in Angola, and that it's a new creature, heralding a research renaissance in a country slowly emerging from decades of war....


Tyrannosaurus Rex Was a Cannibal

As if it weren't fearsome enough already, Tyrannosaurus rex had yet another disagreeable trait, a new study claims. A Yale University paleontologist who examined a few dozen T. rex bones in a number of museum fossil ...


Tyrannosaurs ran with the wolves in dinosaur history

Tyrannosaurs ran with the wolves in dinosaur history

"Tyrannosaurs were more like wolves for most of their history," says paleontologist Stephen Brusatte of the American Museum of Natural History ...


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