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Comparing Romney’s and Obama’s jobs plans


In a sense, what’s really interesting about the Romney and Obama plans is that they don’t conflict with one another. Obama has a set of ideas for boosting job creation now. Romney has a set of ideas for long-term economic growth. You could implement all of Obama’s 41 bullet points and all of Romney’s 59 bullet points simultaneously. There’s nothing about increasing infrastructure investment that keeps you from cutting corporate taxes, for instance.


Senate GOP blocks Obama infrastructure plan

Senate GOP blocks Obama infrastructure plan

Republicans in the Senate Thursday dealt President Barack Obama the third in a string of defeats on his stimulus-style jobs agenda, blocking a $60 billion measure for building and repairing infrastructure like roads and rail lines.

Senh: Republicans are just blocking everything - "The Committee of NO." What can a president do in a hostile situation like this?


Senate rejects big piece of Obama jobs bill

Senate rejects big piece of Obama jobs bill

President Barack Obama and his allies in the Senate promise to press ahead with separate votes on pieces of his failed $447 billion jobs measure despite unanimous opposition from Republicans. But there also are signs of slippage among Democrats and evidence the strategy isn't working with voters....

Senh: So Republicans unanimously oppose hiring more teachers, policemen, and firefighters, saying that local governments might misuse the money. Let's see if they'll oppose improving our infrastructure - road and bridges.


Geithner says growth too slow, need jobs bill

Economic growth has gained some strength but remains too slow and would benefit from passage of a package of job proposals that congressional Republicans have blocked, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Saturday.


A few Democrats oppose Obama jobs bill

A few Democrats oppose Obama jobs bill

It's not just Republicans who are blocking President Obama's jobs bill. Two Senate Democrats -- Jon Tester of Montana and Ben Nelson of Nebraska -- also opposed Obama on a procedural vote this week, and other Democrats have also raised questions about the $447 billion American Jobs Act.


Senate Republicans unveil competing jobs plan

A large group of Senate Republicans unveiled a jobs bill Thursday, saying they were tired of hearing President Obama assert they had not put forward a plan to spur hiring and jump-start the economy.


Protesters swarm Senate office building [video]

In advance of tonight's vote on President Obama's jobs package, unemployed Americans are gathering outside the Capitol to press for passage, reflecting Occupy Wall Street protests in major cities across the country.


Dems Scramble for Votes on Jobs Bill, May Split Legislation Into Pieces

Dems Scramble for Votes on Jobs Bill, May Split Legislation Into Pieces

Senate Democrats are poised to bring Obama's jobs bill to the floor for a vote Tuesday, but with passage facing long odds, party leaders may break the legislation into parts, hoping for greater success in smaller increments.


Senate Democrats want millionaire tax to pay for Obama jobs plan

Senate Democratic leaders are proposing a 5% surtax on those earning $1 million a year as a new way pay for President Obama's jobs plan, turning to an issue with populist appeal as they line up support for a vote, possibly next week.


Obama to blast Cantor for blocking jobs bill

President Obama will blame House Republican leader Eric Cantor for blocking his jobs package when he speaks later today in Mesquite, Texas. ...


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