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Obama promotes infrastructure plan

US President Barack Obama appeals for private funds for infrastructure projects, in a bid to create jobs without adding to the budget deficit.


Analysis: Japan's mission impossible: to spend $100 billion in 15 months

What do you buy the nation that already seems to have everything? That is the question facing Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as he aims to spend more than $100 billion on infrastructure in the next 15 months to help revive his country's economy. But with its gleaming bullet trains, jungles of elevated highways and strings of man-made islands, ultra-modern Japan doesn't appear to want for much.


N.Y. governor to seek $30B in federal aid after Sandy

Superstorm Sandy

N.Y. Gov. Cuomo plans to request at least $30 billion in aid to repair infrastructure damaged by Superstorm Sandy.


China to Spend $156 Billion on Infrastructure

China has approved an estimated $156 billion in new infrastructure projects in recent days, giving markets a boost, even as economists are fretting that the country is behind the curve in responding to the economic slowdown.


Congress passes student loans, highway jobs bill


Finding rare political accommodation on the cusp of a holiday recess, Congress passed legislation Friday designed to salvage 2.8 million jobs and shield students from a sharp increase in loan interest rates....


Lawmakers reach compromise on roads, student loans

Facing weekend deadlines for action, congressional leaders have agreed to deals overhauling the nation's transportation programs without a Republican provision forcing approval of the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline, and avoiding a doubling of interest rates for new student loans, congressional officials said Wednesday....


Houston gets $15M in federal funds to boost bike lanes

Biking Lanes

The Obama Administration announced this morning that it has decided how to spend $500 million in what Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is calling the 2012 TIGER grants. Houston gets $15 million to “eliminate major gaps in Houston’s bike grid, providing direct bicycle and pedestrian transportation connections to local bus stops and rail stations.”


U.S.-Canada bridge deal to be announced Friday


Michigan will get all the benefits of a new international bridge but bear none of the cost or other risk under a long-awaited deal to be announced Friday, the state's lieutenant governor said.


Senate approves $109 billion transportation bill

Transportation Bill

The U.S. Senate on Wednesday approved a two-year blueprint for transportation that gives states greater spending flexibility, allows the federal government to set minimum safety standards for subway systems and buys time to find a solution for a funding system teetering on the verge of bankruptcy.


$1 Trillion Needed to Fix U.S. Water Infrastructure

Water Infrastructure

In the last two years, we have spent a huge sum of money on infrastructure — one kind of infrastructure. Infrastructure — that’s the stuff we know is important but unsexy. The asparagus of investment. But these infrastructure numbers are anything but unsexy: In two years, we’ve spent $57.4 billion on this one style of invisible system.


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