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Obama, Romney backers cite different jobs numbers

Barack Obama & Mitt Romney

President Obama, Republican challenger Mitt Romney and their backers are stressing different aspects of today's jobs report -- the ones that bolster their respective campaigns.


October jobs report: The economy is doing better than we thought [analysis]

... the last three months do suggest that the U.S. labor market is on an upward trajectory... whoever wins the presidential election next week will likely get to take credit for the recovery that’s now underway.


Businesses created 158,000 jobs in Oct.: private report

Jobs Report

U.S. companies added 158,000 jobs in October, data from a payrolls processor showed on Thursday in a revamped report on the private sector labor market. The historical data for the ADP National Employment Report was revised as part of the new methodology, which was used for the first time in the October report. September's increase has halved to 88,200 new jobs from an initially reported 162,000.


Romney close behind Obama after debate, jobs report

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney stayed within striking distance of President Barack Obama in a Reuters/Ipsos poll on Sunday, two-points behind the Democrat for the third straight day after winning last week's debate in Denver.


Debate, jobs report shake up presidential race

The presidential race enters its final month enlivened by two events with the potential to reshape the contest or perhaps negate each other. Soon after Mitt Romney's strong debate performance came Friday's encouraging economic news, not a minute too soon for President Barack Obama.


September jobs report: Debunking the jobs report conspiracy theories

Jobs Report

We’ve hit that moment in the election when people begin to lose their minds. Case in point, within minutes of the jobs report, Twitter filled with Republicans claiming the books were somehow cooked, the numbers aren’t real, etc. Let’s take a deep breath. Jobs reports are about the economy, not about the election. Confusing the two leads to very bad analysis.


Conservatives Doubt Jobs Numbers Following Strong Report

Following an unexpectedly strong jobs report Friday showing unemployment falling to 7.8 percent and 114,000 new jobs added, conservative media figures and one prominent business leader quickly latched on to conspiracy theories about the veracity of the numbers. Call it jobs-numbers trutherism. And for the sake of historical record, its origin was a tweet from former General Electric CEO Jack Welch.


Private sector adds 162,000 jobs in September: ADP


Companies added 162,000 jobs in September, more than economists expected but still pointing to slow improvement in the labor market, data from a payrolls processor showed on Wednesday.


Slicing & Dicing Last Friday's Job Reports

Generally speaking, last Friday’s jobs report was nothing to brag about - even though Barack Obama did it anyway - but the Wall Street Journal found some “hidden good news.” Here are a couple of quotes and my comments:


Hidden Good News in Bad Jobs Report

Help Wanted

No question about it, Friday’s jobs report was a disappointment ... But beneath the dreary headline lay some encouraging signs: Demand for labor was relatively strong ... Jobs growth is broad-based ... Workers are re-entering the labor force ...


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