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Kony 2012 filmmaker: I went crazy

Kony 2012

The man behind the "Kony" movies, Jason Russell, describes his meltdown to Oprah.


Hunt for Joseph Kony lacks troops, equipment

The head of a planned African Union force to hunt warlord Joseph Kony says he has not started due to lack of resources.


Official: Top Joseph Kony commander captured

Ugandan forces captured a senior commander of Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army after a brief fight with rebels near the Congo-Central African Republic border, an army official said Sunday, in what an analyst said was an "intelligence coup" for forces hunting for Kony.


Boredom, discontent set in among Kony hunters

An Internet campaign that's gone viral aims to capture notorious rebel leader Joseph Kony, but Ugandan foot soldiers who have spent years searching for the man are starting to ask a question their top commanders prefer to ignore: Is it possible he is dead?


So Kony 2012's "Cover the Night" Happened

Kony 2012

If you, like me (probably not), was wondering what happened to Kony 2012’s “Cover the Night” event, it happened … last Friday, April 20th. I did see a sign, and my wife claimed to have seen a sticker or two while we were driving, which prompted us to wonder if the event had happened yet.

Yeah, the event wasn’t all that successful. It didn’t cover the night, the night covered it. Most people probably have no idea if it even occurred.

Kony 2012 started with a sizzle, but did it end in a fizzle? It depends on how you look at it.


Obama vows to capture 'madman' Kony

Joseph Kony

President Obama made his strongest vow yet to track down African warlord Joseph Kony, pledging today to "bring this madman to justice."


In Africa, U.S. troops moving slowly against Joseph Kony and his militia

Behind razor wire and bamboo walls topped with security cameras sits one of the newest U.S. military outposts in Africa. U.S. Special Forces soldiers with tattooed forearms and sunglasses emerge daily in pickup trucks. They carry weapons, supplies and translators — as well as the expectations of a vast region living in fear of a man and his brutal militia.


KONY Sequel Got 2% of the Traffic of Its Predecessor

More than a week after KONY 2012: Part II – Beyond Famous hit YouTube, the video, which was also created by Invisible Children, has racked up about 1.7 million views. That’s less than 2% of the traffic that KONY 2012 got in its first five days. Part II’s performance shows that the success of the initial video will be hard, if not impossible, to repeat.

Senh: I'm sure Jason Russell's public meltdown has a lot to do with the sequel's decreased views. People are probably confused as to whether or not to continue their support, which leads to less clicks on the "Like" button.


'Kony' Sequel Takes on Critics

Kony 2012 Part II

The much-anticipated sequel to viral documentary KONY 2012 was released on Thursday, with the charity behind it answering critics, touting its success and ratcheting up pressure on an internationally-wanted Ugandan warlord. "KONY 2012: Part II-Beyond Famous" clocks in at just under 20 minutes and delves deeper into the Lord's Resistance Army and its wave of violence across Central Africa under the command of guerrilla leader Joseph Kony. The first documentary on Kony by the nonprofit Invisible Children garnered more than 100 million views after being released on YouTube.


Sequel to 'Kony 2012' set for release Thursday

Joseph Kony

A sequel to the record-breaking viral video 'Kony 2012' has been rescheduled for release Thursday, the non-profit Invisible Children says.


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