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The Favorite to Become the Next Pope Might Have Mafia Ties

If the papal conclave were set up like college basketball's March Madness, Cardinal Angelo Scola would have been the overall No. 1 seed — perhaps until today. He is the archbishop of Milan and has long been seen as a safe pick for the next pope, having won favor among American cardinals and a handful of influential European ones. So what stands in his way? Well, there's that pesky anti-mafia investigation he has to deal with. The Guardian's John Hooper and Lizzie Davies report today that anti-mafia detectives are investigating corruption in the health-care system of Lombardy, the Italian region of which Milan is the capital. And Scola is very much intertwined with the most powerful man behind it all...


Italy tackles mafia-owned businesses


Sitting on the edge of a town outside Naples, the Euromilk dairy-produce distribution firm looks like any other small business engaged in a very ordinary trade. But the compound, with its warehouse and offices, lies in the heartland of the formidable Neapolitan crime network, the Camorra.


Former New England mob boss Luigi Manocchio sentenced to 5½ years in prison

Luigi “Louie” Manocchio, the 84-year-old former boss of the Mafia in New England, was sentenced today in federal court to 5½ years in prison for extorting protection payments from strip clubs.


Torture claims in Bo Xilai scandal

The Chinese politician who launched an attack on organised crime is accused of heading a police apparatus that carried out "evil" operations against its enemies. Bo Xilai spearheaded a crackdown on Chongqing's mafia organisations, but people are now coming forward claiming this involved torture and false accusations.


Deadly Ca. hit-and-run ends with man beaten by mob

A man crossing a busy Los Angeles-area boulevard was twice struck by hit-and-run drivers, a woman who tried to help him was hit by yet another car, and the driver who tried to help her was beaten and robbed by a mob ...


FBI arrests more than 100 suspected mobsters

FBI arrests more than 100 suspected mobsters

In a major blow to New York's five Mafia crime families, federal agents have arrested more than 100 suspected mobsters.


'The Irishman' Confirmed: Scorsese Directing De Niro, Pacino, Pesci and Keitel in 2011

It could be a dream come true. Robert De Niro confirmed to MTV that Al Pacino and Joe Pesci will indeed be joining the cast of 'The Irishman,' a drama based on the real-life story of a Mafia hit man, to be directed by Martin Scorsese. And Harvey Keitel may be along for the ride as well, according to Showbiz 411.


City Room: Mafia Killer Is Sentenced to Time Served

Salvatore Vitale, the underboss who pleaded guilty to 11 murders, likely will enter the witness protection program.


Italy nabs 300 mobsters, reveals new mob structure

Anti-mafia prosecutors claimed a major victory over the powerful and growing 'ndrangheta crime syndicate, infiltrating intimate weddings, baptisms and other events to gather information that led to the arrests Tuesday of 305 people, including top bosses, and the seizure of more than euro60 million ($76 million) in cash and property.


Outcry as 'sad' Mafia boss freed

An Italian senator demands the government intervene as a convicted Mafia boss is freed from jail because he was suffering from depression.


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