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Mitt Romney ekes out delegate win in Michigan primary

Two days after winning the popular vote in the Michigan primary, Mitt Romney has also been declared the victor in a bitter fight for the state's convention delegates.


Santorum Won More Michigan Delegates

Michigan Primary

According to the MSM, and most people who blindly follow their reports, Mitt Romney won the Michigan primary last night by about 3 points, 41 to 38. However, like the Electoral College, the point of the contest is not to win the popular vote (Gore – 2000) but to win more delegates per state based on the apportionment of those delegates. Michigan’s primary delegate system allows for a set number of delegates to be won by state wide popular vote and the rest to be evenly distributed by Congressional districts. When you consider the facts of the contest, and the...


Opinion: Tepid win for Romney

In Michigan, Mitt Romney's "just win, baby" campaign has surged ahead again.


Romney wins Michigan and Arizona

Mitt Romney: Michigan Primary

Mitt Romney's tentative hold on the status of GOP front-runner received a significant boost with victory in Michigan, where he won his native state and fought off a spirited challenge from Rick Santorum.


Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum battle for Michigan

Mitt Romney

Santorum, backed by the tea party and evangelicals, is making a powerful bid in Romney's home state. Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum battled for primacy in advance of Tuesday contests that could reset the Republican presidential race, extending an epic struggle between the Michigan native's money and establishment ties and his challenger's intense following among tea party supporters and evangelical Christians.


Romney erases deficit in new poll

GOP Presidential Candidates

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has erased a 10-point deficit against rival Rick Santorum among registered Republicans in the race for the GOP nomination, according to a new Gallup poll released Monday on the eve of the Michigan and Arizona primaries.


Santorum win in Michigan could be chaos for Republicans

Rick Santorum

The Republican presidential race faces a potential turning point on Tuesday in contests in Arizona and Michigan, where upstart Rick Santorum threatens to plunge an already unpredictable nominating battle into chaos.


Pro-Obama group hits Romney on auto bailout

The super PAC behind President Obama is on the air in Michigan today with an ad slamming Mitt Romney and his opposition to the auto industry ...


Romney and Santorum Battle in Arizona and Michigan

Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney competed over conservative credentials and faced tough questions from voters in Arizona and Michigan on Tuesday.


After Auto Bailout, Detroit Fallout Trails Romney

Mitt Romney

Whether voters see a principled stand or ruthless capitalism in Mitt Romney’s 2008 opposition to the auto industry rescue will affect how he fares in Michigan’s primary and likely beyond.


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