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Pigeons Can Learn Higher Math as Well as Monkeys, Study Suggests

Pigeons Can Learn Higher Math

It has been known that pigeons can count, but a recent experiment showed they can perform a higher math task that had been demonstrated only in primates: ranking groups of items from fewest to most.


Most Research on Chimps Is Unnecessary, U.S. Panel Says

Research on Chimps

The National Institutes of Health on Thursday suspended all new grants for biomedical and behavioral research on chimpanzees and accepted the first uniform criteria for assessing the necessity of such research. Those criteria require that the research be necessary for human health, and that there be no other way to accomplish it.


Army to phase out animal nerve-gas testing

Army to phase out animal nerve-gas testing

After sustained pressure from animal rights groups and a member of Congress, the Army has agreed to stop injecting monkeys with high doses of a nerve-blocking drug meant to simulate a nerve gas attack.
The practice, carried out at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Harford County, Md., is designed to train Army medical personnel to respond to chemical attacks on troops.


Iran's attempt to launch a monkey into space ends in failure

A top official in Iran's space program admitted that the country's attempt to launch a monkey into outer space ended in failure, according to reports.


Face recognition IDs chimps from photos

Facial recognition isn't just for humans anymore — similar programs run on apes could help park rangers help identify chimps and gorillas, scientists have found.


Could 'extreme' low-cal diets bring longer, healthier life?

Could 'extreme' low-cal diets bring longer, healthier life?

Science has shown that diets that veer close to starvation can make everything from mice to monkeys live longer.


Aids vaccine 'works in monkeys'

Aids vaccine 'works in monkeys'

A new vaccine can protect macaques against the monkey equivalent of HIV and could provide a fresh approach to an HIV vaccine, a study suggests.


Google sorry for Mrs. Obama image

Google sorry for Mrs. Obama image

For most of the past week, when someone typed "Michelle Obama" in the popular search engine Google, one of the first images that came up was a picture of the American first lady altered to resemble a monkey.


‘Missing link’ primate isn’t a link after all

A publicity blitz called the discovery of Ida "the link" that would reveal the earliest evolutionary roots of monkeys, apes and humans. In fact,it's as far removed from the monkey-ape-human ancestry as a primate could be.


Monkey mothers coo over newborns - just like we do

The way that rhesus macaque mothers bond with their babies bears a remarkable resemblance to human behaviour.


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