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Why do the Italians live longer than us?

Mediterranean Diet

What is it about the Italians? They smoke more than us, they earn less, their economy is in even worse shape than ours, they spend less on healthcare, and yet - they live longer. Not just a bit, but a whopping 18 months more on average.


Report: Some dietary supplements illegally labeled

Dozens of weight loss and immune system supplements on the market are illegally labeled and lack the recommended scientific evidence to back up their purported health claims, government investigators warn in a new review of the $20 billion supplement industry....


Roundup: Extreme diet fails; new virus found

The theory that people might dramatically increase their life spans by severely restricting their food intake has been around for decades. But that theory takes a big blow from a new study that finds monkeys put on such a strict diet -- getting 30% fewer calories than usual -- live no longer than monkeys allowed a normal diet, says USA Today's Science Fair.


Baby boomers embrace vegetarianism, but such diets have risks as well as benefits


For many baby boomers, former president Bill Clinton among them, vegetarian diets — including vegan ones, which eschew all animal products — have become a way of life. Much of the reason for that, doctors say, is that this demographic group is heading into prime time for health issues and sees vegetarianism as a way to protect their bodies. Yet for boomers these diets can carry some risks that don’t concern those in their 30s or 40s. As we age, our nutritional needs change and are harder to meet.


Keep lunch light for easier weight loss

Keep lunch light for easier weight loss

A new study to be published in the October issue of the journal Appetite shows just how simple cutting calories, without the hunger, can actually be. The secret is portion-controlled meal replacements.


Access to grocers doesn't improve diets, study finds

The results run counter to the idea that more supermarkets can curb obesity in low-income neighborhoods. Better access to supermarkets — long touted as a way to curb obesity in low-income neighborhoods — doesn't improve people's diets, according to new research.


DNA-based diet assists with disease prevention

DNA-based diet assists with disease prevention

Scientists say within a few years, a simple cheek swab could allow health experts to create individualized diet plans for people based on their ...


Could 'extreme' low-cal diets bring longer, healthier life?

Could 'extreme' low-cal diets bring longer, healthier life?

Science has shown that diets that veer close to starvation can make everything from mice to monkeys live longer.


Eating baked, broiled fish helps heart

For years, doctors have been telling their patients to eat more fish in order to boost heart health.


Six Meat-Free Protein Sources for Building Muscle and Losing Fat

Six Meat-Free Protein Sources for Building Muscle and Losing Fat

These alternative protein sources will keep you healthy and fit.


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