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Axelrod will analyze for NBC News, MSNBC

We have a new media colleague: David Axelrod. The long-time strategist for President Obama and former White House senior adviser is joining NBC News and MSNBC as a "senior political analyst," the networks said Tuesday.


Fox News Ratings Hit 12-Year Demo Lows In January Cable News Figures

... But, as rival MSNBC was quick to point out, and BuzzFeed was quick to trumpet, Fox News had its worst prime time ratings in the coveted 25-54 demographic since August 2001, and its lowest total day ratings since June 2008.


It's Not Good to be Neutral: CNN

Barack Obama

I guess you just can’t be in the middle when you’re covering news: “CNN, founded in 1980 and now owned by Time Warner Inc, has tried to hold the middle ground in its news coverage, a position that some blame for its ratings erosion, while ratings have risen for competitors Fox News and MSNBC, which blend news with opinion and political commentary.”


Microsoft, NBC dissolve joint venture


NBC is buying Microsoft's 50 percent interest in the MSNBC website for an undisclosed amount. will be rebranded as, and readers who logged into late Sunday were automatically redirected to


Cleanliness Has a Negative Side After All

In a recent article posted on, “In praise of germs: Why common bugs are necessary for kids”, a team of researchers found that being exposed to some germs is good for building children’s immune system. They showed that young mice introduced to germs were able to keep their immune system active, to better help fend off bacterial and other infections later in life.

The article points out that parents are being told to keep everything, including their children, spotlessly clean, but that may not have to be the case. Some exposure to dirt and germs could be good for us.


Charlie Rose and Gayle King to Join ‘Early Show’ on CBS

Charlie Rose and Gayle King to Join ‘Early Show’ on CBS

Coming soon to CBS: Charlie Rose, Gayle King and a complete makeover of “The Early Show,” the network’s low-rated morning television show. The network is putting the finishing touches on a two-hour news show, expected to be announced in New York next Tuesday, that will defy the gauzy conventions of morning television. It will emphasize hard news and use a conversational approach like “Morning Joe” on MSNBC and “The View” on ABC.


MSNBC Lineup Changes: 'Ed Show' Moves To 8 PM, 'Last Word' Returns To 10 PM

MSNBC Lineup Changes: 'Ed Show' Moves To 8 PM, 'Last Word' Returns To 10 PM

MSNBC announced Wednesday that it is making a major change to its lineup. Starting Monday, "The Ed Show" will be moved to the prime 8 PM slot. Lawrence O'Donnell's "The Last Word" will be moved to 10 PM, where it began before it was shifted to 8 PM following Keith Olbermann's departure from the network.


Multi-Millionaire Rep. Says He Can’t Afford A Tax Hike Because He Only Has $400K A Year After Feeding Family

Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) appeared on MSNBC with Chris Jansing this morning to attack President Obama’s new deficit reduction plan, which includes some tax increases on the wealthy. Taking up the typical GOP talking point, Fleming said raising taxes on wealthy “job creators” is a terrible idea that kills jobs because many of these people ...


Rev. Al Sharpton officially tapped as MSNBC host

After several weeks in a tryout role, the Rev. Al Sharpton has officially been named host of a weeknight hour on MSNBC.


MSNBC chief lauds Sharpton but no job offer yet

MSNBC's possible hiring of the Rev. Al Sharpton doesn't represent a conflict of interest for the cable channel, its president said.


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