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Libya taps engineer who lived in US for decades as interim leader

ibya's transitional government picked an engineering professor and longtime exile as its acting prime minister Monday, with the new leader pledging to respect human rights and international law.


Libyan leader: Interim government to be announced in a week

The head of Libya's National Transitional Council said an interim government will be announced in the coming week.


Libyan Rebels Get Seat at U.N. Table

Libyan Rebels Get Seat at U.N. Table

The U.N. General Assembly voted Friday to give Libya's seat in the world body to the former rebels' National Transitional Council which led the rebellion that ousted Muammar Qaddafi. The vote means that a senior council official will be able to join world leaders and speak for Libya at next week's ministerial session of the General Assembly and also participate in meetings.


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