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Wallet Stolen in 1982 Found in Central Park Tree

Money doesn't grow on trees, but a tree-care supervisor in New York City's Central Park found an old wallet inside a dead one.


NYC sees biggest fireworks show in the U.S.

NYC sees biggest fireworks show in the U.S.

Fireworks lit the night sky above New York with a kaleidoscope of colors shooting 1,000 feet into the air on an Independence Day.


Sully flight passenger wants therapy covered

Tess Sosa and her daughter have had a hard time forgetting US Airways Flight 1549's emergency landing in New York City's Hudson River in January.


Letterman vs. Palin: It's On!

It all started on Monday when David Letterman told some off-color jokes about Alaskan governor Sarah Palin and her daughter. Dave made some cracks about one of the Palin girls having to fend off Eliot Spitzer and getting knocked up by Yankees star Alex Rodriguez during a recent trip to the Big Apple.


City Confirms 2 More Deaths From Swine Flu

City Confirms 2 More Deaths From Swine Flu

Two more New York City residents, a 41-year-old from Queens and a 34-year-old from Brooklyn, have died .


Manhattan Starbucks Hit by Small Blast

Manhattan Starbucks Hit by Small Blast

A bomb blast outside a Starbucks coffee shop rattled the early morning Memorial Day quiet of Manhattan's Upper East Side today, shattering windows and triggering the evacuation of 25 apartments.


4 arrested in alleged NYC synagogue bomb plot

4 arrested in alleged NYC synagogue bomb plot

Four men were arrested Wednesday for an alleged plot to bomb a New York synagogue and Jewish community center, according to the U.S. Attorney's office.


New York and Los Angeles Casting Calls for Little Fockers Announced

Here are all the details on what they're looking for in the third film of the series.


Top U.S. officials can't be sued for post-9/11 abuse

The former U.S. attorney general and the FBI director cannot be subjected to a lawsuit by a Pakistani man claiming abuse while imprisoned in New York after the September 11, 2001, attacks the Supreme Court ruled on Monday.


Ground Zero Emergency Drill Staged By 800 Responders

More than 800 first responders have staged a disaster drill at the World Trade Center PATH station. The mock explosion happened Sunday morning in the PATH tunnel linking lower Manhattan to New Jersey. Hundreds of firefighters, police officers and members of other New York City agencies took part in the drill.
They secured the scene and then brought the pretend victims out of the tunnel.

The 150 volunteers playing victims wore makeup simulating blood and grime.


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