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Nintendo Cuts FY 2013 Sales Projections By 17% Based On Sluggish Wii U Sales

After only selling 3.06 million units of the Wii U console through December 2012, Nintendo is cutting its sales projections for FY 2013 by 17 percent.


Wii U outpaces Wii’s sales numbers but still falls behind Xbox

Wii U

Nintendo’s Wii U sold more than 460,000 units in December — enough to outpace the sales of its predecessor but not enough to take the top spot in video-game console sales. The Wii U figures, released by Nintendo on Thursday night, are from the NPD Group’s December report on the video-game industry as a whole.


'Skylanders Giants' Wii U Review: The Definitive Version

It's the little things like better graphics and the touch-screen controller that make Skylanders Giants on Wii U the best version.


'Wii U' Doom And Gloom Continues, But For Nintendo Content Is King

The Wii U has been written off as under-powered and not truly "next-gen" but critics fail to take into account the broader Nintendo strategy.


Nintendo Wii U Consoles Sold Out, Already Selling For Over $500 On Ebay

Wii U

One reason some people waited in long lines to be the first to get the new Nintendo Wii U console has nothing to do with the games. With Wii U devices all but guaranteed to be sold out at retailers around the world this Christmas, some buyers immediately put their new consoles on Ebay. Wii Us are already selling for over $500 on the site. There were well over 2,500 consoles listed on the world’s largest auction site just hours after it went on sale on November 18 at the Nintendo World store in New York City and around the globe.


Nintendo's Wii U Tests Hardware Strategy

Nintendo's Wii U hits stores this weekend, testing the videogame giant's strategy of pushing pricey hardware in a videogame market increasingly geared toward mobile gadgets.


Critic’s Notebook: Nintendo’s Wii U, With New Touch-Screen Controller

The Wii U’s main selling point is a new touch-screen controller that is a cross between the iPad Mini and a traditional video game controller.


Nintendo Slashes Profit Outlook

Nintendo slashed its full-year profit outlook by 70%, weighed down by weaker-than-expected demand for its 3DS handheld game machine, the strong yen, and manufacturing costs.


Nintendo drops price of Wii to $130 in U.S.

Nintendo announced Monday that it is dropping the price of its Wii console to $130 in the United States as it prepares to sell the next-generation Wii U in a little over a month.


Can The Wii U Live Up To Its Predecessor? Reggie Fils-Aime Makes The Case

Wii U

Few people saw the Wii coming. In the weeks before Nintendo’s video game console hit stores on November 19 2006, critics called it underpowered, gimmicky, and a potential flop. But six years later the family-friendly, motion-sensitive Wii is the undisputed leader of its console generation, with nearly 100 million units sold worldwide –about thirty million more than either of its competitors, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3.


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