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Sony's PS Vita And Nintendo's Wii U Look Equally Feeble

Wii U vs. Vita

For Apple and Zynga, this E3 was a magical event. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all retreated within the crumbling walls of aging franchises and spin-off sequels. Under attack from mobile and social games, the Big Three console vendors are stumbling through the year 2012. Nintendo had a notably disappointing Wii U showcase and Sony’s Vita lacks the powerful slate of new titles it needs. We may be drifting towards a scenario where Nintendo shrinks to a rump company focusing only on portable gaming – and knocks out Sony’s PS Vita in the process.


Nintendo Sees Momentum in U.S.

Nintendo has sold 4.5 million 3DS units, its latest hand-held device, in the U.S., setting what the company said was potential momentum for its next big product, the Wii U console.


PS Vita vs. Nintendo 3DS: How the specs compare

handheld Game Consoles

It’s astounding to think that just a few years ago, the Nintendo DS and the PSP were the lone mobile devices that gamers had to choose from. It must have been nice for Sony and Nintendo, to only have each other to compete with.


Nintendo 3DS Breaks 4 Million in U.S.

The 3DS has continued to gain momentum, crossing four million units sold in the U.S. thanks to strong sales of Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land.


Nintendo + Smartphones? Iwata Says "Absolutely Not"

Nintendo + Smartphones? Iwata Says

In the wake of another investor backlash, the company president remains adamant in his stance against mobile gaming.


PS Vita confirmed to have 512MB RAM

Sony has released official specification sheet, which states that Vita has 512MB RAM.


PlayStation Vita Release Date Leaked: October 28?

Although Sony has yet to pin down a release date for the Sony PlayStation Vita, an alleged ad from Blockbuster UK seems to indicate an October worldwide launch.


Nintendo unveils Wii U system

Nintendo unveils Wii U system

Nintendo is taking the idea of the "second screen" to a new level. The company on Tuesday showed off a prototype gaming system called Wii U, which consists of a smartphone-like remote control that works with its existing Wii gaming system to let gamers play on two screens at the same time.


Sony dubs new handheld game player PlayStation Vita

Sony dubs new handheld game player PlayStation Vita

Sony said on Monday its new handheld game device would be called PlayStation Vita. The company added that it would partner with AT&T as exclusive carrier for the 3G version of the device in the United States.


The App Report: 3DS Launch Apps Impress, Needs More

The 3DS is Nintendo's follow-up to its successful and incredibly lucrative DS console. The new handheld launched last Sunday with the typical tech-demo titles like Pilotwings Resort, Steel Diver, and Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition. And the glasses-free 3D effects selling point? Very effective.


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