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Disputed call nearly causes riot at wild-card game

Replacement Umpires

The first wild-card playoff game in baseball history turned out to be just plain wild Friday, thanks to a complicated rule that has long been part of baseball, even if many people - even hard-core fans - don't know exactly what it is. The disputed call led to a protest by the Braves - which was quickly denied - and an ugly display as fans littered the field with debris, causing a 19-minute delay.


N.F.L. and Referees Are Close to a Deal

NFL Refs

The N.F.L. and the referees’ union are close to reaching an agreement to end the lockout, but a remaining issue is how quickly the regular N.F.L. referees can return to work.


Brazil Police: Soccer Ref Fatally Stabs Player

Police in Brazil are hunting a soccer referee who reportedly stabbed a player to death during a dispute over a foul call. The fight broke out during a soccer match in the city of Barreira on Sunday afternoon when Jose Ramos da Silva, 28, protested a foul against his team. After a heated argument, the referee, identified as 26-year-old Francisco Edio Gregorio Chaves, pulled out a knife and stabbed da Silva in the chest, reported.

Senh: One minute you're arguing a foul call, and then you get stabbed. I don't know players argue calls to begin with. They never help. NBA players need to take note of this.


World Cup referee who robbed U.S. may be out

World Cup referee who robbed U.S. may be out

Has the World Cup referee who hosed the U.S. been benched? Maybe.


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