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'The Onion' sparks ire with image of plane, building

The satirical newspaper The Onion is attracting some ire for an image that shows an airliner about to crash into Chicago's Willis Tower.


'The Onion' comes to TV

'The Onion' comes to TV

After 20 years of fearless media-baiting, US satirical newspaper 'The Onion’ has got its own series. Its chief writer Carol Kolb talks about the show. Drugs Win Drug War. Naive Detective Suspects Fair Play. Dozens of Glowing Exit Signs Mercilessly Taunt Multiplex Employee. 300 Naked Women Feared Lost in Computer Crash. Headlines like these — arch, witty, mercilessly accurate about the absurdities of both news reporting and everyday life — have made The Onion one of America’s best-loved satires.

Senh: Let's hope this translates better on TV than their movie.


Actor with Down Syndrome Puts Palin in Her Place

In the wake of Palin's attack on Rahm Emmanual for using the term "***** retarded" (which Palin misrepresents as "f-ing retard"), she has repeatedly defended Rush Limbaugh's multiple uses of the word "retards" when referring to people he did not like as "satire."


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