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Senate panel backs e-mail privacy bill

A Senate committee approved a measure Thursday that would require law enforcement agencies to obtain a court-approved search warrant before reviewing any e-mail or other electronic content. The measure would close what privacy advocates describe as a loophole in the law in which Internet service providers such as Yahoo and Google may turn over e-mail older than six months if authorities obtain a subpoena, which does not require a judge’s approval.


Cops: Marine wife died during sex attack by killers

Brittany Killgore

New search warrants unsealed in the murder case of a Marine wife reveal that, according to detectives, Brittany Killgore was an unwilling participant in sadomasochistic sexual activity involving the three suspects accused of killing her.


Megaupload warrants ruled illegal by New Zealand court

Kim Dotcom

A court in New Zealand has ruled that the search warrants used by New Zealand police when they raided the home of Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom were invalid. Reuters reported that a High Court judge said the search warrants were “too vague” and “did not adequately describe the offences to which they related.” The judge also ruled that the FBI acted unlawfully when it took copies of data from Dotcom’s computer offshore.


FBI searches bankrupt solar energy firm

FBI searches bankrupt solar energy firm

FBI agents on Thursday were searching the offices of a California solar energy company touted by President Barack Obama that recently halted operations, FBI spokesman Peter Lee confirmed to CNN. Search warrants were executed at the Fremont, California, offices of Solyndra, which recently filed for bankruptcy, in a joint operation involving the FBI and the Department of Energy, Lee said.


Supreme Court to decide whether police can attach GPS device to a car without a warrant

The Supreme Court agreed Monday to decide whether police investigators seeking to build a criminal case may put a tracking device on a car without first obtaining a search warrant.


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