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Video: How to Build a Nation From Scratch

Two filmmakers present a 12-step program for establishing the world’s newest country: South Sudan.


South Sudan Expels U.N. Rights Officer

South Sudan, which gained independence from Sudan last year, objected to a United Nations report raising allegations of atrocities by South Sudan’s army.


One year on, South Sudan's liberation incomplete - Kiir

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir vowed on Monday to confront the corruption plaguing his country a year after it declared independence and said the new nation's economy still had to be "liberated" from its dependence on foreign powers.


Official: Sudan warplanes bomb South Sudan

Sudan War

A South Sudanese military official says Sudan has resumed its aerial bombardment of southern territory, violating international calls for a cessation of hostilities between the two Sudans.


South Sudan blamed as it gears up for war

South Sudan

At a dusty intersection just north of Bentiu, three young South Sudanese soldiers were waiting for a lift to the frontlines. "We are in a process leading to war," said 24-year-old Moses Akon, thoughtfully. Trucks and pick-ups crammed with troop reinforcements, weapons, and a surprising amount of beer - crates of Red Horse beer to be precise - raced past.


South Sudan president: Sudan has declared war

Sudan War

South Sudan President Salva Kiir said Tuesday that Sudan had declared war on his newly-independent country, following weeks of border fighting between the two countries.


Obama calls for Sudan peace talks


The US president calls on the leaders of South Sudan and Sudan to return to negotiations, as the South ends its occupation of a key oil field.


South Sudan to Pull out of Oil Town, Easing Crisis

South Sudan to pull out of border oil town, president says, easing military crisis with Sudan.


It's official: South Sudan a new country

It's official: South Sudan a new country

South Sudan is to become the world's newest country Saturday after South Sudan natives voted overwhelmingly in January for independence.


South Sudan's historic moment

South Sudan's historic moment

For librarian, referendum on independence completes a hope that 'some day like this would come.'


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