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'Spider-Man' #700 has fans in a frenzy

The Amazing Spider-Man #700

SPOILER WARNING: Do not read this story if you don't want to know what happens in "Amazing Spider-Man" #700... The just-released "Amazing Spider-Man" #700 marks the end of one of the most popular comic book series of all time after 50 years. All parties involved maintain that the changes are quite permanent, and next month the saga begins anew with the release of "The Superior Spider-Man" #1, with the Doc, Otto Octavius, stepping into the Spidey suit.


MAP: The Ultimate Nerd Guide To New York City

MAP: The Ultimate Nerd Guide To New York City

Here's a guide to New York City that's actually useful for once. Leave the boring old Empire State Building to the sad tourists who don't know where to find Spiderman's house.


Marvel: New Ultimate Spider-Man boasts big changes

Marvel: New Ultimate Spider-Man boasts big changes

Peter Parker is dead and gone, but Spider-Man's still slinging webs and fighting crime. And it's not just a new teenager climbing Manhattan buildings, it's an entirely new crime-fighter, from the color of his suit to the complexion of his skin.


Watch 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Official Teaser Trailer Here

Watch 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Official Teaser Trailer Here

I’m a huge fan of Sam Raimi‘s original great series of films, and Spider-Man 2 remains very high on my list of greatest comic book superhero films ever produced. So I was sad to see that series end abruptly without a chance to bring everything to a formal close.


Bono talks of struggles, triumphs of `Spider-Man'

Although Julie Taymor was ousted from "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark," Bono says she's a genius and he and The Edge were privileged to work with her....


Reboot of Broadway's 'Spider-Man' flies again

Taking a page from the comics, producers of Broadway's "Spider-Man" musical are hoping their battered hero can somehow return from the dead....


Here's your first look at Dr. Curt Connors in Amazing Spider-Man

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN continues to film in New York City and this weekend featured a showdown between Spider-Man and his nemesis Lizard...only without the costumes. As you can see in the photo below, shot by Twitter user J. Anthony Hall, Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans) and Peter Parker are chatting outside about something. But most importantly is the green hand Dr. Connors is sporting.


Stan Lee Fights Legal War to Save Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor (Exclusive Documents)

The long-running legal battle between comic book genius Stan Lee and the company that bears his name, Stan Lee Media Inc., continues this month as a California federal judge will soon decide whether a trial is necessary to determine who holds the rights to valuable Marvel characters such as Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, X-Men, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, Thor, and more.


'Spider-Man' to shut down for weeks? Producers mum

A spokesman for the troubled "Spider-Man" musical on Broadway insisted Wednesday that the show is still scheduled to open next week, as talk swirled that the production will shut down for several weeks and the opening will be put off for months....


‘Spider-Man’ Becomes the Punch Line of Broadway

‘Spider-Man’ Becomes the Punch Line of Broadway

The troubled $65 million musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” is a national object of pop culture fascination.


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