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Stem cell op may 'restore sperm'


Boys left infertile by childhood cancer treatment may one day be able to produce healthy sperm by using stored stem cells, monkey research suggests.


Real 'Benjamin Button'? Stem cells reverse aging

Benjamin Button

Scientists may one day slow down aging with a simple injection of youthful stem cells. They’ve just proven this can be done in mice, according to a study published Tuesday in Nature Communications. The mice, which had been engineered to mimic a human disease called progeria, would normally have grown old when they were quite young. But that changed when researchers injected muscle stem cells from healthy young mice into the bellies of the quickly aging mice. Within days, the doddering and frail mice began to act like they were living the storyline of “The Strange Case of Benjamin Button” as they started looking and acting younger.

Senh: That's getting scary. By the time this becomes useful, we'll hopefully have colonized the moon and Mars for the increasing population.


Sperm from mice stem cells offers infertility hope

Sperm from mice stem cells offers infertility hope

A team of scientists has reported producing viable sperm using the stem cells of mice in an experiment that researchers hope could one day lead to treating infertile men....


Stem cell lawsuit tossed

A federal judge has ruled against a lawsuit that temporarily halted the expansion of federally-funded human embryonic stem cell research.


'Better way' to grow stem cells

A new plastic surface which overcomes the difficulties associated with growing adult stem cells has been developed, scientists claim.


Setback for New Stem Cell Treatment

Setback for New Stem Cell Treatment

Induced pluripotent stem cells appear to have the healing potential of embryonic stem cells without the controversy, but when given to mice, they didn’t survive the immune response.


Lab-made retina using stem cells

Lab-made retina using stem cells

A part of the eye that is essential for vision has been created in the laboratory from animal stem cells, offering hope to the blind and partially sighted.


Court OKs US-funded stem cell research for now

An appeals court ruled Tuesday that government funding of embryonic stem cell research can continue for now.


Embryonic stem cell funding allowed - for now

The government may resume funding of embryonic stem cell research for now, an appeals court said Thursday, but the short-term approval may be of little help to research scientists caught in a legal battle that has just begun.


U.S. judge refuses to lift ban on govt stem cell funds

A U.S. judge on Tuesday refused to lift a ban on federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research despite warnings from the Obama administration that it would set back key research and cost more than a thousand jobs.


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