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Snowbound ASU Student Survives 10 Days on Candy, Melted Snow

An Arizona State University student missing for 10 days survived on a Snickers candy bar, a bag of M&M's candies and melted snow for drinking water, authorities said Wednesday after the 23-year-old was found in a desolate area of east Arizona.


6 People Survive Vehicle's 700-Foot Plunge Off Cliff

6 People Survive Vehicle's 700-Foot Plunge Off Cliff

Five men and one woman miraculously survived a terrifying plunge when their all-terrain vehicle plummeted over a Massachusetts cliff in total darkness -- sending some of them tumbling as far as 700 feet down into a ravine, the New York Post reported Tuesday.


Search Teams Lose Hope of Finding Survivors in Indonesia

Search teams lost hope of finding any more survivors under the rubble left by a massive earthquake, as torrential rains on Sunday held up aid delivery in the remote hills of western Indonesia where several villages were wiped out.


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