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Michigan woman spends 11 days in jail for swearing to herself

LaRue Ford

A Michigan woman spent 11 days behind bars for cursing to herself in a county clerk's office before a retiring superior court judge mercifully overruled the judge who jailed her and ordered her release.


Mass. town weighs $20 fines for swearing in public

Fine for Swearing

Officials fed up with public swearing in one town say that forcing the potty-mouthed to pay up might be the right antidote....


Women, swearing and the workplace

It's not every day you read about one top-level executive asking another where his balls are. But in the end, former Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz lived up to her reputation for "salty language" and candid management style.


Referees learning English swear words

Referees learning English swear words

The Brazilian referee and his assistants who will work the England-United States match at the World Cup have been studying English-language obscenities the players might use ...

Senh: Really? Aren't English swear words a universal language?


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