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Seven Marines killed, others injured in Nevada training explosion

Seven Marines were killed during a training exercise at a U.S. Army depot in western Nevada, Marine Corps officials said Tuesday.


US scrambles to rush spies, drones to Libya

Protest in Libya

The U.S. is sending more spies, Marines and drones to Libya, trying to speed the search for those who killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans, but the investigation is complicated by a chaotic security picture in the post-revolutionary country, and limited American and Libyan intelligence resources....


Gunman in Afghanistan forces uniform kills 3 American troops in Helmand province

A gunman wearing an Afghan uniform has shot to death three American troops in the southern Helmand province, according to the U.S.-led international military coalition in the country, known as ISAF. U.S. officials told CBS News correspondent David Martin that the three slain troops were members of a Marine special operations force. Afghan sources in Helmand told CBS News Kabul bureau chief Fazul Rahim that they were part of a team overseeing the training and recruitment of Afghan local police. The sources said it was one of the police officers who opened fire on his mentors during dinner on Thursday evening. ISAF has not yet confirmed these details.


Japan and United States in Talks to Renegotiate Part of Okinawa Deal

An earlier 2006 plan aimed at removing 8,000 Marines from the island hinged on relocating an important Marine air base.


Perry defends Marines accused of urinating on corpses

Rick Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry, scrambling to keep his U.S. presidential bid alive, accused the Obama administration on Sunday of over-reacting to a videotape that shows four Marines appearing to urinate on dead Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

Senh: Damn, Rick Perry's pretty desperate when he's condoning a despicable act like this from our soldiers. They represent us. And urinating on our enemies is not an image we want to radiate to the world.


Defense chief condemns urinating Marines video

Marines Urinating on Afghan Corpses

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has condemned a video that apparently shows U.S. Marines urinating on the corpses of Afghan men, promising to punish those involved. Earlier, an Afghan Taliban spokesman said the video will not affect efforts to broker peace talks.


Gates: Let gays in military; Marine chief: don't

Defense Secretary Robert Gates says he hopes the outgoing Congress will approve legislation ending the military's ban on gays but was unsure of the prospects for success.


Japan's prime minister says some of Marine base will stay on Okinawa

Japan's prime minister said Tuesday that it will be impossible to move all parts of a key U.S. Marine base out of Okinawa, breaking with past promises to relocate the facility outside the southern island.


Troops clear last pockets of resistance in Marjah

Marines and Afghan troops cleared the last major pocket of resistance in the former Taliban-ruled town of Marjah on Saturday ...


Fighting Rages in Marjah as Karzai Urges Restraint

Fighting Rages in Marjah as Karzai Urges Restraint

U.S. Marines and Afghan soldiers advanced through poppy fields of Marjah on Saturday under withering gunfire from Taliban fighters shooting from mudbrick homes and compounds where families huddled in terror.


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