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Kids allowed sips of alcohol more likely to drink later

Kids allowed sips of alcohol more likely to drink later

If you've already allowed your kids to take a little sip of your beer or wine from time to time, you probably won't be pleased when you hear the findings of a new report.

Senh: Ok, I guess I won't let my kids sip alcohol under they're at the right age. I thought it was interesting that kids, who got alcohol from an adult other than their parents, are more likely to binge drink. But kids who got sips of alcohol from their parents are more likely to binge drink (or consume a full can of alcohol) than those who didn't drink at all. The bottom line is don't even give them a sip until they're ready.


Wine experts: worst grape harvest in half century


Drought, frost and hail have combined to ravage Europe's wine grape harvest, which in key regions this year will be the smallest in half a century, vintners say....


Health roundup: Wine may boost bone health

Wine for good for your bones too!

Women who enjoy a nightly glass of wine may do their bones a favor by keeping up the habit after menopause, a small study suggests. Researchers took blood samples from 40 post-menopausal women having or skipping their usual one or two nightly drinks (mostly wine) and found signs of more rapid bone breakdown when the women abstained.

Senh: Wine is good for your bones, too! Damn. Maybe it's time for me to switch from beer to wine.


Wine may protect skin from sunburns, study suggests

Wine may protect skin from sunburns, study suggests

Important health tip for the summer: Drink more wine! A better protection against harmful sunburns might be a healthy dose of SPF sauvignon blanc, suggests a new Spanish study.


Didn't Have Time to Exercise? Drink Some Red Wine.

Didn't Have Time to Exercise? Drink Some Red Wine.

A new study suggests that an ingredient in red wine may stave off the effects of not exercising.

Senh: All these great benefits of red wine.


Last-Minute Valentine's Day Menus

From our friends at comes this collection of last-minute Valentine's Day dinner menus, with tips on how to successfully pull them together. For more Valentine's Day recipes, cocktails and wine recommendations, check out the related links below the menus.Get cooking!


Destinations: Spring colors in Wine Country

Spring has arrived in Wine Country, and with flowers and buds bursting into resplendent colors in recent weeks, Sonoma County has become a magical place.


Walgreens May Resume Beer And Wine Sales

Walgreen Co. executives are considering selling booze at its drugstores after phasing out beer and wine at all but a few hundred stores in the 1990s.


Tighten that belt and try some great bargain wines

The other day, Highland resident Dave Perry was bemoaning the effect of the economy on his wine-drinking habits.


Savor a wine-cruise deal

Savor a wine-cruise dealFood & Wine Trails, which specializes in winery cruises, has lowered its prices by $1,000 per person for its 2009 series, which includes five cruises:Best of Long Island cruise (June 24-July 14), hosted by Paumanok Vineyards and Wolffer EstateFranciscan and Simi wineries cruise (July 4-14)Napa Valley’s Silenus Vintners cruise (July 14-25)Robert Mondavi’s cruise (Sept. 4-16)Alexander Valley’s White Oak Vineyards & Winery cruise (Oct.


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