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Holiday shopping forecast: Stronger, and predictably crazy

Some day in the future, anthropologists may be able to explain the bizarre shopping rituals of the 21st Century American consumer during the holiday season: Why, for example, so many people look for bargains on one day – Black Friday – when with a little work bargains can be found on the other 364. Or why they stand in midnight lines in bleak winter weather only to risk stampedes and fight each other for cheap gifts.


Best Buy overestimates holiday shoppers' appetite

Shoppers ignored Best Buy Co Inc's promotion of pricey 3D televisions and other high-end gadgets this holiday season as they chased bargains elsewhere, hammering the company's profits.


Sam’s Club Tailors Sales Based on Shoppers’ Purchases

Sam’s Club Tailors Sales Based on Shoppers’ Purchases

A new program from the warehouse chain offers different bargains to each member, based on their buying history.


Live Well On Less

Live Well On Less

As luxury sales slip, the ultra-rich are finding so-called bargains. But good deals depend on where you reside.


100 Hotels Under $150

A list of 100 hotels, culled from readers’ suggestions, that represent some of the best bargains for travelers headed to one of 14 European cities in the next few months.


Hotel bargains — with a surprise twist

Hotel bargains — with a surprise twist

Great rates and value-added services may no longer be enough for hotels to attract and keep guests. Some customers find themselves the beneficiaries of a property’s “stealth gratitude.”


Why 2010 will be the year of the travel deal

If you thought the travel bargains were unbelievable this year, just wait until 2010. Here are 10 places to find them during the Year of the Deal.


Wal-Mart lures more affluent shoppers

The recession steered a new type of customer to Wal-Mart — deeper in the pockets and suddenly looking for bargains.


Tighten that belt and try some great bargain wines

The other day, Highland resident Dave Perry was bemoaning the effect of the economy on his wine-drinking habits.


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