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Following exclusive interview with CNN, John McAfee reportedly captured, according to his own blog

As Agence France-Presse reports, a short entry on the website WhoIsMcAfee, set up by John McAfee himself states that he may have been captured. To wit: “We have received an unconfirmed report that John McAfee has been captured at the border of Belize and Mexico.” Interestingly, McAfee has enough content written for his blog for a full year, and has put up a reward regarding the finding of the individual that did kill the man in question; McAfee has maintained his innocence.


Mexico Top Cop, Officers Busted for Aiding Cartel

Mexico Top Cop, Officers Busted for Aiding Cartel

Police say they have arrested 25 drug cartel members or collaborators in central Mexico, including a police chief, two commanding officers and seven agents suspected of aiding traffickers.


$205M man says he sold meth chemical

A Chinese-Mexican businessman arrested after police found a $205 million stash of cash in his Mexico City mansion has told U.S. prosecutors he sold tons of a chemical used to make methamphetamine on the black market, a top Mexican official told The Associated Press....


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