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Baby food shortage in Europe due to China demand

Baby Food - AP

Yong-Hee Kim still can't believe that in a prosperous country like Germany, powdered baby formula would ever be rationed and that she would have to scour shops in the German capital to find the right brand for her 13-month-old son.


Well: Vaccines Protect the Youngest Babies

Two new studies offer good news for newborns and children about two different vaccinations -- flu vaccine for pregnant women, and rotavirus vaccine for infants.


Newborn jaundice linked to autism

A new study suggests jaundiced newborns have a higher risk of autism than other babies.


Boy, 4, starts up minivan, kills baby

Police say a 4-year-old boy in Texas managed to start a van and then ran over a woman and her 3-week-old child, killing the newborn.


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