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School tells teen to get breast reduction, mom says


A Missouri mother is outraged after her daughter's school district allegedly suggested the 13-year-old get a breast reduction to stop bullying. Tammie Jackson said her daughter, a sixth-grade student at Central Middle School is being sexually harassed because of her breast size, reported.


Bullying of teachers more damaging in online era

The bullying that bus monitor Karen Klein endured on a ride home from an upstate New York school was painful and egregious, but also shows how student harassment of teachers and administrators has become more spiteful and damaging in the online era.


Texas teacher had kids hit alleged bully, district says

School Desks

A Texas teacher will lose her job after ordering more than 20 kindergartners to line up and hit a classmate accused of being a bully, a district spokesman said Friday.


Mom sends son to school with stun gun

Mom Sends Son to School with Stun Gun

An Indiana mother who sent her gay son to school with a stun gun after administrators apparently didn't do enough to stop the bullying against him said she would do it again -- even though the teen now faces expulsion.


Colorado's Anti-Bullying Bill Up For Hearing This Week

The Colorado House of Representatives is scheduled to review a bill this week that would amend the state's anti-bullying laws to require dress codes that "encourage school pride and unity," and mandate that teachers receive regular lessons in how to deal with bullying. The legislation would also create a cash fund aimed at the problem of bullying and suicides in schools.


Feds: Bullying violates civil rights laws

Feds: Bullying violates civil rights laws

Bullying and harassment in schools often includes violations of federally protected civil rights, the federal government warned Tuesday in new guidelines for educators on how to address the problem.


Questions for School on Bullying and a Suicide

A dispute has arisen between school officials in South Hadley, Mass., and the district attorney over whether the officials had long known about the hazing of a 15-year-old.


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