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Top teacher's surprise plan for $1M prize

Nancie Atwell, winner of the Varkey Foundation's first Global Teacher Prize, speaks to CNN's New Day about the award.

Senh: Nice. She's donating all of the prize money into her school. Her approach is very unique. Let the students pick the books they want to read, and let them choose topics that they want to write about. Her comments about how the education system in the United States is restricting creative freedom is interesting.


Spain education sector hit by strike against cuts

Thousands of students and teachers staged a strike across Spain on Thursday to protest government austerity measures and a planned new education reforms.


10 Amazing Ways For Teachers & Tutors To Use Twitter In Education

Twitter like all other social media is a virtual Aladdin’s cave. It is a gateway to riches. But just like in the story, this Aladdin’s cave is also booby-trapped. Use it right and you will come away with the genie of knowledge ready to do your bidding. Use it wrong and you will be a casualty of wasted time. So, ‘rub’ it just right.


South Dakota Law Will Allow Guns in Classrooms

Gov. Dennis Daugaard of South Dakota on Friday signed into law a bill that would allow teachers to carry guns in the classroom.


California High School Principal Orders Student to Delete Video of Teacher Stealing

A high school student in California who caught her gym teacher on video rummaging through student’s belongings, possibly stealing items, took the video to the principal in the hopes he would take action.


Former 'Teacher of Year' Admits to Sex with Student

Teacher of the Year

A former Essex County, New Jersey teacher of the year has admitted having sex with a 15-year-old boy enrolled in an honors class she taught. Erica DePalo pleaded guilty Tuesday to child endangerment. In return, county prosecutors will recommend she get lifetime parole supervision when she's sentenced in April.


Calif. teacher with past in porn loses appeal

A middle school teacher who was fired after students learned she had appeared in pornography has lost her appeal to return to the classroom, her lawyer said Tuesday.


Video: Teachers trained to take down killers

School employees in San Antonio, Texas, are being offered free self-defense courses from a local gym.


Ex-teacher loses license over student massages

A former teacher in Florida's Broward County who was accused of soliciting massages from students has lost her license to teach in the state.


Video: Lose the toys -- kids happy with boxes

A preschool teacher took away the toys in his classroom and was surprised to receive zero complaints.


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