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Huntsman’s endorsement of Romney underscores strained relationship

On Monday, Mitt Romney finally got the Jon Huntsman endorsement he thought he’d long ago been promised.


Huntsman drops out, backs Romney

Jon Huntsman

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman will withdraw from the Republican presidential race Monday and endorse front-runner Mitt Romney, according to a senior official with the Huntsman campaign.

Senh: Mitt Romney's on a roll. He just got another endorsement from Jon Huntsman and one less rival.


Huntsman, Santorum support up in New Hampshire

Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman is gaining support in New Hampshire at the right time, days before Tuesday's key primary election, but he still trails front-runner Mitt Romney by a prohibitive margin.


Obama, Romney unveil jobs plans

Obama, Romney unveil jobs plans

Sarah Palin's got one. So does Jon Huntsman, while Michele Bachmann is starting to discuss hers in detail. Mitt Romney's going to show his Tuesday, followed by President Barack Obama on Thursday.


Jon Huntsman camp sharpens attack on 'abysmal' Mitt Romney record

The Jon Huntsman team is stepping up its attack on Mitt Romney's economic record, accusing the Republican presidential frontrunner of misrepresenting his record on job creation as governor of Massachusetts.


FirstRead: Paul wins RLC straw poll; Romney fades to fifth

FirstRead: Paul wins RLC straw poll; Romney fades to fifth

Ron Paul won the straw poll here overwhelmingly with 612 votes, drawing big boos and some quieter chants of "Ron Paul." Jon Huntsman finished a surprising second with 382 votes, despite being a late scratch because of a "bad cold." Michele Bachmann was third with 191 votes.


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