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Roger Ebert says show in going on hiatus

Movie critic Roger Ebert says the public television program "Ebert Presents: At The Movies" will go on hiatus at the end of December.


Ebert says show in danger of being canceled

Ebert says show in danger of being canceled

Film critic Roger Ebert is telling his readers that he may have to cancel his television show "Ebert Presents: At the Movies" unless someone steps up and helps him and his wife pay for it.

Senh: Oh no. TV needs more shows like "Ebert Presents At The Movies." It's that or fluff like "Entertainment Tonight" and "Extra." I hope Ebert finds funding for it. I've always wondered why there are no sponsors for the show, but thought that maybe it's because contributions from viewers through PBS was enough to pay for it. I didn't know that Ebert have been financing the whole thing personally.


Roger Ebert to debut facial prosthesis on new show

Roger Ebert is debuting a facial prosthesis along with his new public television show on film criticism....


Roger Ebert reviving 'At the Movies'

Roger Ebert reviving 'At the Movies'

Legendary film critic and Twitter master Roger Ebert announced that he's reviving his classic half-hour review program "At the Movies" on PBS.

Senh: Good to hear. Looking forward to it. Congrats to the Eberts for making this happen.


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