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Senate panel backs e-mail privacy bill

A Senate committee approved a measure Thursday that would require law enforcement agencies to obtain a court-approved search warrant before reviewing any e-mail or other electronic content. The measure would close what privacy advocates describe as a loophole in the law in which Internet service providers such as Yahoo and Google may turn over e-mail older than six months if authorities obtain a subpoena, which does not require a judge’s approval.


Internet Posting Helped Sandusky Investigators

Internet Posting Helped Sandusky Investigators

Law enforcement officials wound up looking into the question of a Penn State cover-up in the Sandusky case... A critical break in the investigation of Jerry Sandusky came via a posting on the Internet: a random mention that a Penn State football coach, years before, might have seen something ugly, but kept silent.

Senh: By far, the most complete story on the Penn State scandal.


How the C.I.A. Perfects its Social Media Monitoring Technologies

It’s not a secret to most Netizens that they’re being watched on the Internet. And not just by advertisers. Law enforcement hasn’t exactly been secretive about the open source data-mining being done online.


Law Enforcement Wants To Be Able To 'Tap' Skype, Facebook and BlackBerry Emails

Law Enforcement Wants To Be Able To 'Tap' Skype, Facebook and BlackBerry Emails

It appears that law enforcement officers are finding it too difficult to track the Facebook messages.

Senh: That opens up a lot of privacy issues and could easily be abused.


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