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As Apple shares slide, Research in Motion rises

Here’s a tech stock pop quiz: Who has had a better quarter on the stock market? Apple? Or Research in Motion? The answer may surprise you. Apple’s stock, which peaked at more than $700 per share in September, has lost nearly 25 percent of its value. But Research in Motion, due to report earnings Thursday afternoon, has seen its stock more than double its abysmal September price of $6.30 per share. On Thursday morning, the stock was trading at $13.63 a share.


Android Phone Repairs Cost Carriers Billions

Repairs to Android phones cost wireless operators billions, revealing a potential downside to the rapid expansion of Google's mobile operating system. A study by wireless services firm Wireless Dat Service, or WDS, found hardware failures are more common on Android devices than on Apple's iPhone or Research in Motion's BlackBerry.


Making up: free apps for furious Blackberry users

The BlackBerry has left a bitter taste in the mouths of its users. Trying to make amends for massive outages last week, Research In Motion on Monday promised BlackBerry users free premium apps and a month of technical support. But the apology is unlikely to placate miffed customers, many of whom are considering whether to part with the tarnished brand in favor of more popular devices such as Apple's newest iPhone.

Senh: Users complain that the CEOs for RIM didn't react quick enough, but it seems that it's rare that anyone ever reacts quick enough when things go wrong. Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis addressed the public on the fourth day of the outage. That's not too bad. They have to assess the situation first. I guess in situtations like this, it's always better to over-react. Plus, you never know how bad it is until at least a couple days have passed. "The most important thing is staying connected to the ecosystem and making sure you're on what's the root cause. If you spend more time on PR it's less time finding the root cause," Balsillie said. I agree with that.


To Rebound, RIM Courts the Carriers

With many wireless carriers feeling threatened by the growing prominence of Apple and Google, those companies’ success could provide the foundation of Research in Motion’s recovery.


RIM Shares Drop Sharply

RIM Shares Drop Sharply

Research In Motion shares were sharply lower Friday, after the company issued a steep first-quarter earnings warning late Thursday, heightening fears that the BlackBerry maker is buckling amid competition from Apple and Google.


Apple To Dominate Tablet Market Through 2015, Google Takes Smartphones

Apple will remain firmly in control of the tablet market through 2015, according to market research by Gartner, which also shows Google’s Android will take the baton from Nokia’s Symbian to dominate the smartphone market through the same time period. Experts agree, though, that it will be strong ecosystems, allowing for tablets and smartphones to deliver a combined experience, which will take the day, possibly weakening Research in Motion’s capacity to deliver in a new environment.


RIM says Apple claims about BlackBerry unacceptable

RIM says Apple claims about BlackBerry unacceptable

Apple Inc appears to be deliberately distorting the issues surrounding the iPhone 4's antenna design by asserting that Research In Motion's BlackBerry has similar reception problems, RIM said.


40% of Blackberry users willing to trade in for an iPhone

BlackBerry users tended to have fierce brand loyalty, but the iPhone is apparently changing that. And, while more BlackBerry users are planning to switch to an iPhone, Android-based devices are starting to garner more attention as well.


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