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Cause of Superbowl blackout was hardware installed to prevent Superbowl blackout

Super Bowl Blackout

Entergy New Orleans, the utility that provides power to the Mercedes SuperDome in New Orleans, announced today that its technicians had determined the cause of the partial blackout during the Super Bowl last Sunday: an electrical relay the company had installed to prevent blackouts.


United Airlines has another large computer outage

United Airlines

United Airlines says it has fixed a computer problem that led to widespread delays for thousands of its passengers. The outage lasted for about two hours Thursday morning. The problem was that dispatchers couldn't send flight information to about half of the United's mainline flights.


BlackBerry service down in Europe, Mideast, Africa

BlackBerry is reporting an outage affecting users in Europe, Middle East and Africa - interrupting service for customers on the very day Apple Inc. unveiled its hot new iPhone 5.


California DMV computers down statewide; many services disrupted


The California Department of Motor Vehicles experienced a statewide computer outage Tuesday, disrupting many in-office services to customers, officials said.


Verizon has third data outage in a month

Galaxy Nexus

For the third time this month, Verizon Wireless is experiencing data service outages for some users of its 3G and 4G networks in various places around the country, according to customer reports.

Senh: Looks like Verizon's not able to handle the data usage load. It's beginning to sound like AT&T.


Making up: free apps for furious Blackberry users

The BlackBerry has left a bitter taste in the mouths of its users. Trying to make amends for massive outages last week, Research In Motion on Monday promised BlackBerry users free premium apps and a month of technical support. But the apology is unlikely to placate miffed customers, many of whom are considering whether to part with the tarnished brand in favor of more popular devices such as Apple's newest iPhone.

Senh: Users complain that the CEOs for RIM didn't react quick enough, but it seems that it's rare that anyone ever reacts quick enough when things go wrong. Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis addressed the public on the fourth day of the outage. That's not too bad. They have to assess the situation first. I guess in situtations like this, it's always better to over-react. Plus, you never know how bad it is until at least a couple days have passed. "The most important thing is staying connected to the ecosystem and making sure you're on what's the root cause. If you spend more time on PR it's less time finding the root cause," Balsillie said. I agree with that.


BlackBerry outages spread to North America

BlackBerry outages spread to North America

Sporadic outages of BlackBerry messaging and email service spread to the U.S. and Canada on Wednesday, as problems stretched into the third day for Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Senh: This has the makings of a Roland Emmerich disaster movie.


Blackberry service disruptions spread to Latin America

Blackberry service disruptions spread to Latin America

Blackberry, which has been plagued by service outages in Europe, the Middle East and India this week, reports that disruptions have spread to Latin America.


BlackBerry reports problems in Europe, Middle East and Africa, says it’s investigating

Large numbers of BlackBerry users across Europe, the Middle East and Africa have been cut off from Internet and messaging services, phone companies in the affected regions said Monday. BlackBerry maker Research in Motion Ltd. gave few details beyond a brief statement saying that customers were “experiencing issues,” but telecommunications companies in the Middle East and Europe laid the blame at the Canadian company’s door.


United deals with flight delays after outage

United deals with flight delays after outage

United Airlines worked to resume normal flight operations after resolving a computer outage but flight departures were expected to be delayed throughout the weekend, the company said on Saturday.


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